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2016 Accreditation Fees

Fee Type

Application Fee

2016 Annual Accreditation Fee

Survey Cancellation

Fee Amount


Year Due for CoC Accreditation Survey

2016 Accreditation Fee








Billing Cycle

A one-time, nonrefundable fee that is due when a program applies to be CoC accredited

A membership fee invoiced each year during the facility’s membership cycle for all accredited cancer programs. Invoices will be e-mailed approximately 60 days before the accreditation due month.

Example: Program due for survey on November 1. Membership invoice is generated in early September.

This fee is invoiced only if a program cancels or reschedules a confirmed survey date. Charges for travel cancellation expenses made by the surveyor may also be applicable.

Category Specifications

One invoice for new individual cancer program or newly formed Integrated Network Cancer Program

The accreditation fee for individual cancer programs is based on a sliding scale of fees developed for 2016 only.

In 2016, the annual fee for Integrated Network Cancer Programs is $5,000 for each facility within the network. For example, a network made up of two facilities will pay $10,000 in 2016; a network made up of four facilities will pay $20,000 in 2016.

Not applicable


Read the 2016 Accreditation Fee Notification.

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