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Learn more about how ACS NSQIP® helped two participating hospitals set and achieve their surgical quality improvement  goals.  

Reducing SSI Rates by Introducing the Clean Program at a British Columbia Collaborative Hospital: Vancouver Costal Health—Vancouver General Hospital

Vancouver General Hospital joined ACS NSQIP in 2011. Since then Vancouver General Hospital reviewed their ACS NSQIP data and set a goal to reduce the cardiac SSI rate from 6% to 2% by January 30, 2014. To do so, the hospital reviewed available literature including the ACS NSQIP Best Practices Case Studies and Guidelines and instituted a program called CLEAN...

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Prevention of Post Op Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CA UTI) in Gynecology Surgery from the British Columbia Collaborative Hospital: Royal Inland Hospital (RIH)

Royal Inland Hospital joined ACS NSQIP in April of 2011 to improve surgical outcomes for its patients. Royal Inland Hospital implemented an initiative to reduce catheter associated UTI (CAUTI) project in May of 2012. Since the start of this work they have seen their UTI rates drop from 8% to fewer than 2%. They have also had 11 of 13…

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