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ACS NSQIP Geriatrics

Geriatric Pilot Project

The Geriatric Pilot Project is a joint effort between the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program® (ACS NSQIP®) and the ACS Geriatric Task Force (GTF). The pilot is designed to capture additional variables on patients age 65 and older through the use of custom fields. The pilot will examine the viability of data collection for these fields and analyze the variables for insight into the care of geriatric patients for up to 25 sites.  If the fields are found to be answerable and provide valuable information on the surgical care of geriatric patients, they may then be built into the standard ACS NSQIP variables. 

The pilot project officially began with the data collection on cases with operation dates on or after January 1, 2014. We have also been hosting monthly calls between pilot sponsors and the Surgical Clinical Reviewers (SCRs) at participating sites to assess our variable selection and data collection burdens. It has also been decided that data collection will extend for another calendar year through 2015. At that time, the progress of the pilot and the data collected through the pilot will be reviewed to determine next steps, including the possibility of building the piloted variables and reporting mechanisms into standard ACS NSQIP.

Accomplishments of the Pilot

  • Enrolled 25 sites in the initial pilot study.
  • Successfully collected one year of pilot data on the original 15 geriatric variables.
  • Extended the pilot study for a second year of data collection for all 25 sites.
  • Will be working with a smaller group of volunteered sites to collect four additional variables on a subset of sampled patients 80 years or older to determine their functional health status on postoperative day 30.