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Collaboratives are groups of American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program® (ACS NSQIP®)-participating hospitals that come together to discuss best practices and quality improvement initiatives and to compare their surgical outcomes in a positive learning environment. There are three types of collaboratives

  1. Regional
  2. System-wide
  3. Virtual

A collaborative group can be highly organized with formal data sharing agreements, payor support, group oversight, and specialized reporting, or it can be an informal group of hospitals coming together to discuss their quality improvement experiences.

“The Future of Surgery” from the British Columbia Surgical Quality Action Network

Benefits of Joining a Collaborative

  • Discounted annual participation fee*
  • Discuss surgical outcomes, quality improvement opportunities, and experiences with hospitals that share your interests and concerns
  • Group calls and meetings facilitate the exchange of ideas and problem solving
  • Enhanced data sharing dependent on the collaborative data use agreement and specialized reports that go beyond the standard semiannual and online benchmarking reports to compare the results of each collaborating site (identified or de-identified) to the collaborative as a whole, and the collaborative as a whole to all sites in ACS NSQIP
  • Potential partnership with payors to offset the cost of collaboration, provide collaborative coordination or grant funding
  • Committed ACS NSQIP staff

*Virtual collaboratives and pilots are not eligible for discount

Making the Most of Your Collaborative

  • Identify a collaborative leader or leaders to take charge of building the “foundation”
  • Schedule regular meetings to share experiences, goals
    • Invite surgeons and Surgical Clinical Reviewers
    • Staff from quality improvement programs, anesthesia, infection control, and administration
  • Create a cooperative and trusting environment
  • Focus on areas of special interests and concern
  • Utilize custom fields
  • Share best practices

Current Collaboratives

More than 30 ACS NSQIP collaborative groups currently exist or are in development. Each collaborative receives technical support and guidance from ACS NSQIP in developing data-sharing strategies, designing specialized reports and publicizing the group’s efforts in the ACS NSQIP Newsletter, ACS NSQIP Annual Conference, and the ACS NSQIP website. Collaboratives may be regional, health systemwide, or virtual.

Regional Collaboratives

Canadian National Surgical Quality Improvement Collaborative (22 sites)
Connecticut Surgical Quality Coalition (15 sites)
Florida Surgical Care Initiative (21 sites)
Georgia Surgical Quality Collaborative (14 sites)
Illinois Surgical Quality Improvement Collaborative (40 sites)
Northern California Surgical Quality Collaborative (5 sites)
Nebraska Collaborative (3 sites)
Ontario Collaborative (3 sites)
Oregon NSQIP Consortium (8 sites)
Pennsylvania NSQIP Consortium (13 sites)
Tennessee Surgical Quality Collaborative (22 sites)
Upstate New York Surgical Quality Initiative (15 sites)
Virginia Surgical Quality Collaborative (7 sites)

System-Wide Collaboratives

Carolinas HealthCare System Surgery Quality & Safety Operations Council Collaborative (12 sites)
Covenant Health Collaborative (4 sites)
Department of Defense (17 sites)
Fraser Health Systems (11 sites)
HIC Surgical Safety Collaborative (5 sites)
Kaiser Permanente Northern California Regional Collaborative (20 sites)
MaineHealth Collaborative (7 sites)
Mayo Clinic Surgical Quality Consortium (7 sites)
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System NSQIP Collaborative (9 sites)
Partners HealthCare (5 sites)
Surgical Quality Action Network (23 sites)
University of California CHQI Collaborative (5 sites)
University of Colorado Health Surgical Quality Collaborative (4 sites)
Weill Cornell NYHQ NSQIP Collaborative (2 sites)

Virtual/Pilot Collaboratives

ACS NSQIP HPB Collaborative
Enhance Recovery in NSQIP (ERIN)
FIRST Trial Pilot
Geriatrics Pilot
Hip Fracture Pilot
Oncology NSQIP NCI Center Collaborative
Quality in Training Initiative

How to Join

ACS NSQIP Collaboratives are available to all participating hospitals. For more information on joining a current collaborative or forming a new collaborative, please contact Emma Malloy at