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Additional Information

Starting in 2012 ACS NSQIP® hospitals will have an opportunity to be a quality leader and report results on the Hospital Compare website.

Increasingly, regulators are looking for ways to inform the public about hospitals’ quality, complication rates, and rates of readmissions. However, some publicly reported measures are only indirect measures of quality and others are based on limited information or claims and administrative data.

In order to provide proven and stronger quality information, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) has been working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to allow ACS NSQIP® to publicly report outcomes on the Hospital Compare website on a voluntary basis. Because ACS NSQIP is based on the best available data—clinical, risk- and case-mix adjusted, nationally benchmarked, and audited 30-day patient outcomes—the program provides arguably the most valid and reliable look at surgical quality. It provides a better gauge of quality than many other public measures, many of which are based on compliance with process measures or based on administrative data.

Participating hospitals will voluntarily report on three National Quality Forum (NQF)-endorsed measures: elderly surgery outcomes, colectomy outcomes, and lower-extremity bypass. Hospitals can choose to report just one measure or any combination of the three. Information on the Hospital Compare website explains the rigors of the ACS NSQIP program so that patients better understand what the measures mean; the importance of accurate, risk-adjusted data; and how to use the information in making their care decisions.

We hope your ACS NSQIP hospital will be among the quality leaders joining this important initiative to help better inform the public how to most accurately understand hospital quality.

Public reporting will continue to expand in the coming years. Join us to make sure what’s reported is the most accurate picture of hospital quality.

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