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NSQIP in the Literature

A PubMed search of “NSQIP” yields in excess of 1,100 publications through June 30, 2016, with 350 new publications appearing annually.

Visit PubMed for a complete list of ACS NSQIP publications.

Among the more than 1,100 papers with “NSQIP” appearing, there are reports conducted on data spanning the hospital to national spectrum, describing quality successes using ACS NSQIP data, as well as failures to identify unique benefits. This literature requires careful and detailed analysis with respect to research design, analytic strategies, and conclusions drawn.

Selected Bibliography

The following papers are some of those that are: (1) most important in understanding the history of NSQIP - from its inception in the VA system through contemporary analytic methods; or (2) provide the most technically comprehensive evaluations of the impact NSQIP on improving surgical outcomes. Papers critical of ACS NSQIP have been included.


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