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A primary goal of the Division of Research and Optimal Patient Care is to ensure that the highest quality scientific information is used to support surgical care. Continuous Quality Improvement’s (CQI) role in supporting this goal is multifaceted and includes offering several educational opportunities for surgeons. The two courses provided by CQI focus on preparing and encouraging surgeons to dedicate a portion of their professional efforts to conducting basic clinical and health services research. Each course (described below) has a different focus but emphasizes the similar aspects for conducting quality research: the methodological issues of study design, the importance of sound statistical analysis, the necessity of collaborating both internally and externally, and the resources necessary to conduct high-quality research. The courses focus on outcomes and health services research; securing grant-funded support from the National Institutes of Health; and developing clinical trials. A main strength of these courses is the extensive interaction available between participants and leaders in the topic field. Each course offers participants continuing medical education and is offered biennially. 

Clinical Trials Methods Course

The Clinical Trials Methods Course teaches surgical investigators the concepts and skills necessary to develop a protocol for a clinical trial that is fundable by a peer-reviewed agency. 

Health Services Research Methods Course

The Health Services Research Methods Course is designed to provide clinical and health services researchers possessing varying degrees of experience in the field with the fundamentals, mechanisms, and resources to conduct effective outcomes research.