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ACS Associate Fellow Scholar in Geriatric Surgery


The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is offering two positions for Associate Fellow surgeons in a two-year, fully funded fellowship with the ACS Geriatric Surgery Verification (GSV) program. This program is specifically designed to systematically improve the quality of surgical care and outcomes for older adults across the phases of care. The goal of the fellowship is to foster the development of surgical experts in the implementation of such a population-based quality program, as well as, to support the actual implementation of the ACS GSV program at the Fellows’ own institution (or an institution within their Chapter’s catchment area). Scholars will be provided mentorship, education, support, and first-hand experience by the College, and will learn the skills necessary to address issues of patient safety and health care quality in this geriatric population. Ideally, at the completion of the two years, the scholar would have the tools and support to apply for grant funding in geriatric surgical care delivery and/or outcomes. This funding will support ongoing project development and research at the scholar’s home institution that complements the efforts of the ACS.

Scholars will be expected to, at a minimum:

  • Participate in the activities of the ACS GSV program Steering Committee, including attendance at meetings and completion of assignments that advance the work.
  • Participate in the ACS Geriatric Surgery Task Force meeting at the ACS Clinical Congress each year (October), including promoting new educational sessions related to the surgical care of older adults and reporting out on the progress of ongoing implementation activities
  • Participate in the ACS Quality and Safety Conference each year (July), including the development of sessions to assist current and potential applicants to the ACS GSV program navigate the challenges of implementation.
  • Perform site visits for the GSV program to increase personal and programmatic understanding of implementation challenges and solutions.
  • Give talks as requested, pertaining to the ACS GSV program and the care of older adult surgical patients
  • Participate in scholarly activities such as writing about the experience or the program
  • Participate in advocacy as it pertains to policies affecting the geriatric population

Program Specifics

Scholar Requirements

  • Associate Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (dues-paying member of ACS)
    • Associate fellows must have graduated from an accredited allopathic or osteopathic medical school in the United States or Canada, have completed residency and/or fellowship training in the United States or Canada, and have been in practice for less than 6 years.
    • Scholars may transition to Fellows of the ACS (FACS) during the course of their two-year commitment (this award should not prevent a scholar from seeking FACS during this fellowship period).
  • The Associate Fellow must work in a hospital that has applied for the ACS GSV program in at least the commitment level, or must have identified a hospital within their respective chapter that has applied for the ACS GSV at the commitment level or higher.
    • If the Fellow’s hospital has not applied for or enrolled in the ACS GSV program, enrollment in at least the commitment level within the first six months of the fellowship program will be required. The Fellow’s institution, or an identified hospital within their respective chapter, will be required to reenlist in the ACS GSV program in the second year of the fellowship program.
  • Have the support of the department chair, specifically about:
    • Championing the efforts of the Scholar, and participation in the ACS GSV program in at least the commitment level
    • Providing the time commitment necessary for the scholar to be successful

Financial Support

Each fellowship position is fully funded by the ACS. Each scholar will be provided with $25,000 each year (for a total of $50,000 for the two-year program) to cover travel, administrative, and meetings costs for the participating scholars. No contributions will be required from the Scholars’ Division Chair or from their home institution.


The ACS will assign each scholar an internal mentor, a member(s) of the ACS GSV Core Development Team (CDT), who will serve as a resource during the course of the two-year fellowship. As a member of the ACS GSV Steering Committee, the scholar will also interact with and be mentored by various committee members and other surgeons affiliated with the ACS and the Division of Research and Optimal Patient Care, from across the country.

In addition, the scholar will be asked to identify a mentor in surgical quality and patient safety from their home institution (or an institution within the ACS Chapter). This mentor should serve as an important resource, sponsor, and champion for the successful implementation of a quality program.

Additional Training

Leadership training, while not mandatory, may be pursued during the course of the fellowship if desired by the awardee. Opportunities include the ACS Surgeons as Leaders program, Harvard’s Surgical Leadership Program, or a different course of interest to the scholar. Approval is at the discretion of the fellowship director.


During or by the conclusion of the fellowship, the scholar would be expected to:

  • Present an abstract or workshop at the ACS Quality and Safety Conference
  • Write a scholarly article about their experience (manuscript, editorial, Bulletin article, etc.)
  • Prepare a grant application for an outside funding source, in association with the ACS, to pursue additional programs or evaluate existing programs within the context of the work they did during the fellowship. 


Please contact us if you have any questions:
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