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Subscription Agent Information

Publication Schedule

SRGS publishes eight new issues per year in the following months: February, March, May, July, August, September, October, and December. This constitutes an annual volume (for example, Volume 42, Nos. 1–8, will be published in 2016, beginning in February and ending in December). Subscriptions cannot be backdated; however, back issues are available for sale by completing our Back Issues Order Form.

Order forms may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed, or phoned into us.

Division of Education
633 N. Saint Clair St.
Chicago, IL 60611-3295
Fax: 312-202-5009
Phone: 800-631-0033

For ease in processing subscription agency orders, you should consider a calendar year subscription (January–December). Payments for calendar year subscriptions should arrive by January 5 in order to ensure delivery of the first issue published in that year. Please review our four-year revolving cycle of topics.


Subscription agents are entitled to a 5 percent discount off standard pricing; discounted pricing will be reflected on your invoice, however, auto-generated email renewal notices do NOT include the 5 percent agency discount (see “Renewal/Invoice” below).

If you are ordering by phone, fax, or mail, you must alert us to your status as a subscription agent in order for the discount to be applied.

Download the subscription agent price list here: Subscription Agent Price List.


Based on your client’s subscription end date, automatic renewals are generated via e-mail 4-8 weeks before the annual subscription is set to expire. We recognize that many subscription agents require an invoice for renewal. If this is the case, you can discard these notices or use them as an alert to prompt a call or e-mail to us to initiate an invoice. An order number will appear on the invoice, and you must include this number when issuing a payment.

Payment/Username (ID number)/Confirmation of Order

Subscriptions must be prepaid in order to be activated; we do not honor Bill Later orders. We prefer a credit card transaction or to receive one check for each subscription, rather than a combined payment for multiple customers. Once a payment is processed, a username (an 8-digit number) is automatically generated for new customers (your clients). Existing customers maintain their original username.

New and existing subscribers will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail with login information needed to access their online subscription. The subscription agency will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail documenting the payment. A receipt can be e-mailed to you on request.

Subscriptions are tracked by your client’s individual username or the name of your client or client’s institution. Each subscription agency also has a unique username.

When you communicate with us on your client’s behalf, it is important that you have the customer’s username available. It is equally important that you supply us with your SRGS subscription agent username/ID number.


Lost or missing issues must be reported within eight weeks after the issue has mailed. Consult for current-issue mail dates. Two missing issues per year per subscription can be replaced. Please encourage your international clients to opt for an online subscription for guaranteed timely delivery of content.

Customer Service

When contacting ACS-SRGS, please have your customer’s 8-digit username/ID number available.
Phone: 312-202-5227
Fax: 312-202-5009

Mail payments to:
ACS-SRGS (make checks payable to)
633 N. Saint Clair Street
Chicago, IL 60611-3295