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Customer Service FAQ


Subscriptions and Orders

How do I order a subscription?

Subscriptions can be ordered by contacting Customer Service at 800-631-0033 or online. Before placing your order online, select “Login” from the top-right navigation at top of ecommerce page and enter your American College of Surgeons (ACS) username and password (the default password is your last name) or create a New User profile if you are not a member. Ordering by phone or online requires prepayment with a credit card.

How many issues are published during an annual subscription?

There are eight issues published in a 12-month period. Please visit the Upcoming Issues page for a preview of future SRGS topics.

I ordered SRGS recently. When will I receive my first issue?

Delivery of your first print issue can take up to eight weeks, depending on when your order was placed. If you placed an order within the first half of the month, your subscription will be mailed within two months, depending on our publication cycle.

SRGS online subscriptions begin immediately with the current issue. Consult the SRGS home page for the current print issue mail date.

Postal delivery dates vary depending on your location and internal distribution procedures. Most subscribers will receive their issue within a week after the mailing date, but delivery can take up to 14 days.

My subscription includes print issues. What should I do if I haven’t received one or more of the issues?

Delivery of print issues can take up to eight weeks, depending on when your order was placed, the current issue’s mail date, your location, and internal distribution procedures.

Lost or missing issues must be reported within eight weeks after the issue has been mailed. Two missing issues per year per subscription can be replaced.

To report a missing issue or to change your address:

  • Call: 800-631-0033 or 312-202-5227
  • Fax: 312-202-5009
  • E-mail:

You may also mail address changes to:

633 N. Saint Clair St.
Chicago, IL 60611-3295

I ordered an SRGS online subscription, when will I receive a login username and password?

SRGS online subscribers receive a username and password by e-mail immediately after purchase. If you are a member of ACS, your username and password are the same as your ACS username and password (the default password is your last name).

How can I renew my subscription?

You will be sent a renewal notice approximately four to eight weeks before your subscription is set to expire. The first notice will be e-mailed to you if we have your email address on file. If you do not have an e-mail address on file or it is undeliverable, you will be sent a renewal notice through the U.S. Postal Service. If you are not receiving renewal notices by e-mail and would like to, please send your e-mail address to Claire Sydow.

Can I renew online?

Online renewal is encouraged. To renew online,

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Login” from the top-right navigation.
  3. Enter your user ID and password
  4. Select “Customer Service,” then “Renew SRGS Subscription”

Do members of the ACS receive a free subscription or discount to SRGS?

ACS members do not receive a free subscription to SRGS as part of their membership, but, as with many other ACS products, members receive discounted pricing.

Can I backdate a subscription with an issue that has already been published?

You cannot subscribe to an issue that has already been published. Subscriptions start with the next issue (or the current issue if you have an online subscription). You can order back issues, but you cannot backdate CME. For example, the CME test appears in every issue of SRGS. If your subscription was not active when the issue was published you cannot earn CME credit for that issue. Access to the CME test site is based on your subscription start and end dates.

How do I purchase a back issue?

Back issues cannot be purchased online, but an order form is available. Back issue sales are based on availability. Active subscribers to SRGS receive a discount on back issues. Your cannot preorder an issue that has yet to be published.

Can I print the full-text reprints from the online version of SRGS?

Our licensing agreements with the publishers preclude offering this feature; therefore, the reprint PDF is intentionally locked. However, you are free to print the entire overview. Click on the citations on the bibliography page to access full-text reprints through PubMed if you would like a physical copy (most publishers charge a fee, but a medical library can provide a copy free of charge). We have flagged the free articles for your convenience.