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V38N3: Liver, Part I

Abdel-Misih SR, Bloomston M. Liver anatomy. Surg Clin North Am. 2010;90(4):643-653.

This is a clearly written and nicely illustrated review of the surgical anatomy of the liver.

Bismuth H. Surgical anatomy and anatomical surgery of the liver. World J Surg. 1982;6(1):3-9.

Bismuth’s article is a classic. It represents an important and lasting contribution to the field of liver surgery.

Bryant R, Laurent A, Tayar C, et al. Laparoscopic liver resection-understanding its role in current practice: the Henri Mondor Hospital experience. Ann Surg. 2009;250(1):103-111.

Bryant and coauthors present a review of a single-center experience. The perspective offered is helpful in understanding the advantages and limitations of laparoscopic liver resection.

Buell JF, Cherqui D, Geller DA, et al. The international position on laparoscopic liver surgery: The Louisville Statement, 2008. Ann Surg. 2009;250(5):825-830.

This article provides a valuable series of consensus statements from experts in laparoscopic liver surgery.

Clavien PA, Petrowsky H, DeOliveira ML, et al. Strategies for safer liver surgery and partial liver transplantation. N Engl J Med. 12 2007;356(15):1545-1559.

Clavien and colleagues present a review of basic concepts and management approaches that can improve outcomes of liver resection.

Gaujoux S, Douard R, Ettorre GM, et al. Liver hanging maneuver: an anatomic and clinical review. Am J Surg. 2007;193(4):488-492.

This article is a clearly written and well-illustrated overview of this potentially valuable technical maneuver.

Krier M, Ahmed A. The asymptomatic outpatient with abnormal liver function tests. Clin Liver Dis. 2009;13(2):167-177.

This article provides useful guidance for the clinical evaluation of patients who may have chronic liver disease.

Liddo G, Buc E, Nagarajan G, et al. The liver hanging manoeuvre. HPB (Oxford). 2009;11(4):296-305. Free full-text

This article, presented by the team that pioneered the liver-hanging maneuver, provides useful information about current and future uses of the maneuver.

Martin P. Perioperative considerations for patients with liver disease. Cleve Clin J Med. 2009;76 Suppl 4:S93-97. Free full-text.

This article is a useful resource for surgeons who are planning an operative procedure for a patient with liver disease.

Pahlavan PS, Feldmann RE, Jr., Zavos C, et al. Prometheus' challenge: molecular, cellular and systemic aspects of liver regeneration. J Surg Res. 2006;134(2):238-251.

This review provides a clear overview of the basic cellular processes of liver cell injury and recovery of function.