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V42N5: Liver, Part II

Recommended Reading

Adam R, De Gramont A, Figueras J, & al. The oncosurgery approach to managing liver metastases from colorectal cancer: a multidisciplinary international consensus. Oncologist. 2012;17(10):1225-1239. Free Full Text

    Adam and coauthors present recommendations from an international consensus conference. Guidance for managing liver metastases from colorectal cancer is provided.

Bhutiani N, Philips P, Martin RC, 2nd, Scoggins CR. Impact of surgical margin clearance for resection of secondary hepatic malignancies. J Surg Oncol. 2016;113(3):289-295.

    Bhutiani and coauthors provide perspective on the importance of surgical margins as a determinant of outcomes of resection of liver metastases.

Boese CK, Hackl M, Muller LP, Ruchholtz S, Frink M, Lechler P. Nonoperative management of blunt hepatic trauma: A systematic review. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2015;79(4):654-660.

    Boese and coauthors' article presents a systematic review of the literature relevant to the nonoperative management of liver injuries.

Cannon R, Ellis S, Hayes D, Narayanan G, Martin RC, 2nd. Safety and early efficacy of irreversible electroporation for hepatic tumors in proximity to vital structures. J Surg Oncol. 2013;107(5):544-549.

    Irreversible electroporation is a recently developed method for ablating malignant liver lesions. This article by Cannon and coauthors presents data on using this method to treat lesions that are close the liver vessels.

Frilling A, Clift AK. Therapeutic strategies for neuroendocrine liver metastases. Cancer. 2015;121(8):1172-1186. Free Full Text

    Frilling and Clift review options for managing liver metastases from neuroendocrine tumors.

Groeschl RT, Pilgrim CH, Hanna EM, & al. Microwave ablation for hepatic malignancies: a multiinstitutional analysis. Ann Surg. 2014;259(6):1195-1200.

    Groeschl and coauthors present data from a study of microwave ablation for liver tumors.

Kim Y, Amini N, He J, & al. National trends in the use of surgery for benign hepatic tumors in the United States. Surgery. 2015;157(6):1055-1064. Free Full Text

    Kim and coauthors review data on management of benign liver neoplasia.

Mayo SC, Pulitano C, Marques H, & al. Surgical management of patients with synchronous colorectal liver metastasis: a multicenter international analysis. J Am Coll Surg. 2013;216(4):707-716; discussion 716-718. Free Full Text

    This article by Mayo and coauthors reviews international data relevant to the management of synchronous colorectal liver metastases.

Melloul E, Denys A, Demartines N. Management of severe blunt hepatic injury in the era of computed tomography and transarterial embolization: A systematic review and critical appraisal of the literature. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2015;79(3):468-474.

    This article by Melloul and coauthors is a clear and relevant review of the literature on the nonoperative management of liver injuries and the use of adjunctive angioembolization.

Schiergens TS, Luning J, Renz BW, & al. Liver Resection for Non-colorectal Non-neuroendocrine Metastases: Where Do We Stand Today Compared to Colorectal Cancer? J Gastrointest Surg. 2016;20(6):1163-1172.

    Schiergens and coauthors review data on outcomes of liver resection for nonneuroendocrine, noncolorectal metastases of the liver.