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Customer Service FAQ

How can I earn CME credit with a subscription to SRGS?

To participate in the SRGS CME program, you must have an active “with CME” or SRGS online subscription. Credit is earned on completion of a 20-question posttest and four evaluation questions. The ABS requires a minimum score of at least 75% on the posttest to claim CME Self-Assessment credit.

Note: For all issues preceding Vascular Surgery, Part II (Vol. 42, No. 8), a 20-question pretest must also be completed.

How many credits can I earn with an annual subscription?

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) publishes eight issues of SRGS per year. Each test is awarded 10 credits; taking all eight tests is not mandatory. Participants can earn up to 80 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ per subscription year.

Can SRGS CME credit be applied to MOC?

The American Board of Surgery lists SRGS as a CME resource for surgeons enrolled in its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. Successful completion of the SRGS CME program fulfills MOC Part II requirements that focus on lifelong learning and self-assessment.

How do I take the tests?

The tests must be taken online. All CME users, regardless of ACS membership status, must login to the site using an ACS-SRGS username and password.

If you have an online subscription to SRGS, you can seamlessly login to the CME test site under the “Test Your Knowledge” tab once you are logged in to SRGS. (You do not need to re-login to the test site.)

When is the deadline to complete the test?

SRGS publishes eight (8) times a year on a revolving cycle of topics that spans four years. When a topic is revised, the older enduring material is no longer certified for credit. You can earn credit for all of the tests that appear on your CME index page. When a topic is revised, the CME test for the older version of the material will be removed from your CME test page. Please note that the test completion date affects your eligibility to claim SRGS credit in a particular year. Only a maximum of 80 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ can be earned per year with your SRGS subscription.

How do I get a username and password if I am not an ACS member?

Non-ACS member subscribers are issued a username and password when placing an order.

Existing SRGS subscribers can find an 8-digit username on the mailing label of each issue or on your annual renewal notice. The default password is your last name. If you have created a custom login, please use it to access the CME test. If you need your login, please contact 800-631-0033, or email

How do ACS members login?

For ACS members, the username and password to access the CME site (and SRGS if you are an online subscriber) are identical to your ACS username and password.

Will I receive an e-mail confirmation that my answers and score were received?

No, e-mail confirmation is not provided. However, on successful completion of both tests and the four-question evaluation, credit is immediately applied to an online transcript. All SRGS CME users have access to this online transcript. Check this transcript to ensure the test has been recorded. Contact Customer Service at with any discrepancies.

I am a member of ACS. How are my CME credits tracked and recorded?

Your SRGS CME credit is recorded on the ACS MyCME page.

Why aren’t all my SRGS credits listed on the online transcript?

If you are an ACS member, there are two scenarios that might be in play. You might have a duplicate record in our system and CME would then appear in two places: a member record and an SRGS record. Please contact Customer Service at to confirm this occurrence and merge your record.

Secondly, only SRGS CME credits earned since May 1, 2008 (Vol. 34, No. 7), are represented on the transcript page. Earlier credits can be added on request by contacting Customer Service at

I am NOT a member of ACS. How are my CME credits tracked and recorded?

As soon as you complete a test, SRGS CME credit is automatically entered into an online transcript accessible from the test index page. By logging in to the CME test site with your ACS-SRGS username and password, you can access your online transcript. The page allows you to track your CME credit and download certificates.