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ACS Strong for Surgery Program Releases Four New Checklists

Strong for Surgery

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) recently released four new screening checklists for the Strong for Surgery program (S4S) to help surgical teams improve outcomes for their patients. The new checklists address deliriumprehabilitationpain management, and patient directives.

The checklists are integrated into the preoperative phase of clinical practice for elective operations by surgeons and surgical staff. By screening patients for potential risk factors that can lead to surgical complications, these checklists open the door for appropriate interventions to ensure better outcomes for patients. Global research has shown that use of a checklist improves patient optimization for an operation and helps to ensure that important aspects of care are followed for each case.

For the last few years, these checklists have targeted four areas known to be highly influential determinants of surgical outcomes: nutrition, glycemic control, medication management, and smoking cessation. The new checklists represent a much-anticipated expansion of the program. 

For details on the new S4S checklists, read the ACS press release. For more information on participating in Strong for Surgery, visit the ACS Strong for Surgery web page.

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