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New RISE Article Discusses Transition to Surgical Residency

Resources in Surgical Education (RISE)

A new Resources in Surgical Education (RISE) article, “Easing the Transition to Surgical Residency: The ACS/APDS/ASE Resident Prep Curriculum,” is now available on the RISE website. The article, by Jeremy M. Lipman, MD, MHPE, FACS, FASCRS; Kyla Terhune, MD, MBA, FACS; George Sarosi, Jr., MD, FACS; Rebecca Minter, MD, FACS; Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSC, FASCME; and Keith A. Delman, MD, FACS, is intended for those who work in undergraduate and graduate surgical education; in particular, those who work at the transition between these two educational domains.

Learning objectives for the article are as follows:

  • Describe the benefits of surgery residency preparatory courses
  • Recognize the resources available from the American College of Surgeons (ACS)/Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS)/Association for Surgical Education (ASE) Residency Prep Curriculum
  • Evaluate the future role residency prep courses may play in competency decisions

The article is available on the RISE web page by selecting “Articles” on the left navigation pane.

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