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Newly Matched Residents: Consider Joining the ACS

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) extends its congratulations to medical school graduates who participated in the National Resident Matching Program and have been matched to a surgical residency program. The ACS also encourages these newest members of the surgical community to explore the many helpful resources that the College offers to assist in navigating the transition from medical school to residency training, as well as in weighing the options for surgical career. Furthermore, Resident membership in the ACS affords many opportunities to network and connect with other ACS members and to explore a host of new possibilities.

Resident Member applicants must provide basic information regarding medical education, the surgical training program they are entering, and their medical license—some of which already exists in the Medical Student Member record. Interns have their $20 application fee waived, making the first year of Resident membership available at no charge. Medical Student Members will have the requirement for verification of trainee status waived.

To submit the electronic application for Resident membership, visit the ACS website. You will need your ACS login information to access the application. If you do not have your log in information, contact the Division of Member Services via e-mail at or at 800-293-4029 for assistance.

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