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YFA Liaison Updates

John Mullinax, MD, FACSCommission on Cancer

The Commission on Cancer accreditation process has been, like most other facets of professional life, altered by the COVID pandemic. The CoC Accreditation Committee is working to ensure standards are met while allowing flexibility to CoC sites so they can provide safe accreditation visits.

John Mullinax, MD, FACS

Christopher Buzas, MD, FACSNAPRC Quality Subcommittee

Hello, everyone. A new tool that helps measure circumferential resection margins (CRM) is being developed by Dr. Chang’s group at MD Anderson. The National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer is hoping to perform a pilot with this tool in early 2021. If you work at an NAPRC-accredited site and are interested in being a part of this pilot program, please contact Erin DeKoster at

Christopher Buzas, MD, FACS