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YFA E-News: November 2017

Message from the Editor

Amalia StefanouHello, everyone! I am the new editor of the Young Fellows Association (YFA) E-News and hope we are all settling back in to practice after another incredible Clinical Congress. Welcome to all of the new young Fellows of the College and to the YFA. This is my second year on the YFA Governing Council and I continue to be encouraged by the other young Fellows in our organization and inspired by the senior leadership of the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

I am happy to say the Governing Council is restructuring to allow for more involvement from members-at-large, which means all of you. There will be upcoming opportunities to join the Governing Council in the summer, design sessions for Clinical Congress, and participate in social media and advocacy events and mentorship programs throughout the year and at Clinical Congress.

We are at an important time in our careers to facilitate connections with colleagues and develop leadership experience. I encourage you all to become more involved in the YFA. These friendships and relationships with our peers will be key to our collective personal development as surgeons and leaders in our communities. To summarize ACS President Barbara Lee Bass’ address, surgery chose all of us and our communities need us in this capacity. We also need to look out for one another and be supportive of each other in what can be very challenging times, both in patient care and personal development.

Amalia Stefanou, MD, FACS
Editor, YFA E-News
Detroit, MI

2017 YFA Governing Council at Clinical Congress

Message from YFA Chair

Adnan AlseidiPlease allow me to start with wishing everyone a safe winter and happy holidays (yes, they are upon us already).

It was truly wonderful to see so many young fellows at Clinical Congress 2017 and to hear feedback on what the YFA is doing well and where it should improve. The YFA business meeting was very informative, vibrant, and well-attended. Thank you for those who attended and those that reached out to me and the YFA Governing Council (YFA-GC) separately. During Clinical Congress, the young Fellows had numerous panels and offerings on each day of the meeting. Thank you for those that submitted ideas, moderated, presented, and attended. Let’s keep up the energy and requests for proposal submissions for Clinical Congress 2019 should be coming out soon.

I have the honor and privilege of being chair for the next year and I would like to outline some priorities that I heard from you all at Clinical Congress.

Engagement on a local/regional level is important to young Fellows. This came through loud and clear. We need to remember that all good things start locally. Myself and the YFA-GC intend to engage YFA representatives on a local/regional level and empower them to, within their community, help address the needs of young Fellows and use best practices from other regions and national ACS programs to remediate any deficits they see present. This is a priority.

Young Fellows want to be heard and want to be involved nationally. We intend to have this be a year of organization and engagement for the YFA. Over the last few years, ACS leadership has focused on placing young Fellows in almost every committee and working group within the College. It is essential now to place as many young Fellows from the membership at large as possible in these positions. Further, we need to clarify and publish the channels of reporting to and from the YFA-GC and YFA liaisons and representatives serving in these positions. Only through effective communication and reporting can we be one unit that advances our mission.

We need better communication with respect to young Fellow-focused programs, such as mentorship programs and opportunities for participation within the Clinical Congress. The YFA Communications Workgroup and YFA E-News are very much in tune with this need. I encourage you to stay tuned through this quarterly newsletter, the Young Fellows Communities page, and the College website. These vehicles are the main channels in which to find involvement opportunities.

It’s an exciting time of year and a thrilling time to be in medicine and surgery. The YFA-GC and I would love to hear from you with any ideas, thoughts, or concerns. Contact us at I thank you for the opportunity to be your Chair and I look forward to hearing from and working with you all.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Adnan Alseidi, MD, EdM, FACS
Chair, Young Fellows Association
Seattle, WA

Welcome Jennifer Bishop to the YFA Governing Council

Jennifer BishopJennifer Bishop, MD, FACS, is a general surgeon in Albuquerque, NM, with special interests in breast surgical oncology and wound care and hyperbaric medicine. She attended Wellesley College, MA, and McGill University School of Medicine, Montreal, QC, prior to completing a general surgery residency at Stamford Hospital, CT, and an interdisciplinary breast surgery fellowship at Yale University, New Haven, CT. She then worked in Connecticut for three years teaching residents and medical students in Stamford and serving as a vice president on the Connecticut ACS Chapter's council prior to moving to Albuquerque in 2016 with her husband, Andrew. She is a member of the New Mexico ACS Chapter and the Education Committee of the American Society of Breast Surgeons.