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Message from the Editor

Amalia Stefanou

Happy 2019 everyone! If you are receiving this email, you are a member of the Young Fellows Association of the American College of Surgeons and we hope you choose to get more involved this year. There are a lot of opportunities within our organization to encourage participation and engagement.

I met a young surgeon recently who thought she did not have a place in ACS because she is in rural private practice. The demographics within the field of surgery are becoming more diverse and inclusive, not only in terms of gender and ethnicity, but also in variety and locations of practice. The ACS is inclusive to all surgeons and our strength is built on our diversity and our goal of providing optimal patient care.

It is important for us all to share our experiences to improve the organization and I hope you make this the year to become more active. This newsletter has information on how to join the YFA Speakers Bureau, submit proposals for Clinical Congress 2020, and become a local YFA liaison.

Amalia Stefanou, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Editor, YFA E-News
Detroit, MI