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Letter from the Editor

Russell J. NautaRussell J. Nauta, MD, FACS
Governor, American Surgical Association (ASA)
Editor, The Cutting Edge: News and Notes from the Board of Governors

Welcome to the Summer 2017 edition of The Cutting Edge: News and Notes from the Board of Governors. This issue follows the Leadership & Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC, coincides with the beginning of the academic year, and precedes the Clinical Congress. It also is the time of year when new surgical residency trainees are visited by Fellows from their local chapters and receive their first information about the American College of Surgeons (ACS). These new trainees, similar to those that train them, are enthusiastic, talented, and energetic. It is a reasonable expectation that ACS should be an effective advocate for trainees by engaging them with relevant questions and activities.

As Governors we represent the Fellows and are often asked what the College is doing for the membership. The multidimensional response to this question is detailed in this issue of The Cutting Edge. For example, the Advocacy Pillar Lead, Nicole Gibran, MD, FACS, FCCM, has concisely summarized the activities of the Pillar, while Amalia Cochran, MD, FACS, reports on the SurgeonsPAC. As Fellows, there is a substantial opportunity for us to improve our involvement in the SurgeonsPAC; currently only 3 percent of Fellows actively participate.

In this issue you’ll also find a discussion of missionary surgery by Donn M. Schroder MD, FACS, a recap of the Leadership & Advocacy Summit, as well as upcoming deadlines for important scholarships and activities at Congress.

Additionally, we extend our congratulations to Patricia Turner, MD, FACS, Director, Division of Member Services, who recently completed her presidency at the Society of Black American Surgeons. She is the first woman to serve in that capacity.

On an introspective note, members of the Communications Pillar continue to have ongoing conversations regarding how best to communicate among the Governors to enhance our liaison role between the Fellows and the members of the Board of Regents. For example, the Board of Regents and Board of Governors postings in the ACS Communities have been an effective way to quickly alert you on urgent matters, such as the discussions of Maintenance of Certification and license renewals in Texas. Human interest stories, surveys, and ACS position papers have similar niches in the many other available communication tools. Through these vehicles, it is our attempt to reflect the multidimensionality of the College, as well as its vibrancy. As usual, we welcome your suggestions and hope to see you at Clinical Congress in October.


Russell J. Nauta, MD, FACS

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