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Hot Topics! … from the ACS Communities

The ACS Communities continue to hum along. We get about 1 million page views per year, and we estimate close to 20,000 surgeons check their e-mail digests every day. On average, a Fellow using the ACS Communities spends about three minutes on the site per day. In aggregate, that’s a total of 60,000 minutes per day (or 1,000 hours per day) that surgeons who belong to the American College of Surgeons (ACS) spend reading or writing about their surgical world on the ACS Communities. Between 500 and 700 individuals create unique postings per month, but the self-described “lurkers” number in the thousands. Of the top 20 threads in the first quarter of 2017, 12 were devoted to specific clinical problems such as surgical complications and surgical judgment. Seven threads were about the operating room (OR) environment, including topics such as music, attire, student observation, and the like. One thread was about whether to buy or lease a car, and it got a lot of attention! The tone of conversation on the ACS Communities is sometimes intense but nearly always professional. The forum requires little policing, and rarely do I have to call or write a Fellow about a post other than to thank him or her for contributing. 

Jerry Schwartz (the very able ACS staff member who does a ton of effort making it all work) and I, along with the various Community editors, are pleased with the progress seen in this effort. In the future, we hope to find ways to qualify and quantify what effect such collegial discussions have upon the way surgeons practice and view the ACS. I especially encourage Governors to read and post on the ACS Communities. Participating is a great way to get to know the Fellows you are representing and for them to get to know and learn to trust their leadership. As a Governor, you may be worried that what you write is considered a statement from the College. To avoid that problem, I carefully label what is my opinion versus what the College has officially stated.

Check out the ACS Communities. Dive in if you haven’t already.