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Message from the Chair of the Board of Governors

Diana L. Farmer, MD, FACS, FRCSThe Board of Governors (BOG) has had a very active winter. The energy developed at the Board of Governors meeting held during Clinical Congress 2016 has continued. We have had three successful webinars to help orient new Governors to the complexities of the College and the many opportunities to get involved. Several of the work products of the BOG have been either published or integrated into the College’s core offerings, and we can be very proud that the work we are doing is being put to broad use.

I would particularly like to draw your attention to the Surgeon Well-Being Index, which can be found on the College’s website. This effort is a direct result of the great work done by the BOG Physician Competency and Health Workgroup. It includes a Physician Well-Being Index tool, which I encourage you to share with your colleagues who may have concerns about burnout or other stressors. It’s an excellent tool! I’m also looking forward to the upcoming work related to ergonomics for the surgeon.

I had the privilege of presenting the BOG’s work at the recent Board of Regents meeting in February, and all were very impressed with how organized, disciplined, and active we have become. We are indeed the eyes and ears of the membership! There was great receptivity to the idea of coordinating the work of the pillars across the various groups—the BOG, the Resident and Associate Society, and the Young Fellows Association—with the parent committees of the College and the Board of Regents. The regents agreed that we want to harness the important energy of the Governors and prevent unnecessary duplication of efforts. Indeed, we are considering a wholesale change of the annual meeting of the Governors and Regents from a long report-out session to a more interactive, cross-cutting, issues-driven exchange with the leadership. This is an exciting opportunity and important step in keeping the College relevant and meaningful for all of its members. We must remain a high-value organization in order to best serve our patients, the public, and our profession.

I want to bring to your attention two important (relatively new) meetings sponsored by the College.

The first is the Quality and Safety Conference (formerly the ACS NSQIP Annual Conference), which is being held in New York, NY, July 21–24, 2017. The second is the ACS Summit on Surgical Education, which is being held in Chicago, IL, May 24–25, 2017. Please share these dates with folks in your chapters and specialty groups who may be interested in attending.

As an additional reminder, we are taking nomination and self-nominations for open positions on the Board of Governors Executive Committee. Please feel free to reach out to myself or Connie Bura if you have questions.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you all at the Leadership & Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC, May 6–9, 2017. It will undoubtedly be an outstanding program for all.