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Board of Governors Pillars at Work: An Update

In the last issue, we featured the activities of the Advocacy and Member Services Pillars. In this issue we are highlighting the activities of the Communications, Education, and Quality Pillars.

Communications Pillar

S. Rob Todd, MD, FACS, FCCM
Pillar Lead
Governor, Southwestern Surgical Congress

The Communications Pillar continues to focus on the bidirectional communication of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), from the Fellows through the Board of Governors (B/G) to the Regents and, likewise, from the Regents through the B/G to the Fellows. This mission is accomplished via the Newsletter and Survey Workgroups.

Newsletter Workgroup

Chair (2016–2017): Russell Nauta, MD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2016–2017): Rohan Jeyarajah, MD, FACS (

The Newsletter Workgroup continues to produce The Cutting Edge: News and Notes from the Board of Governors, the quarterly, fully electronic, mobile-friendly newsletter of the Board of Governors. Newsletter stories range from College business to human interest stories. Moving forward, the Newsletter Workgroup is exploring how to better disseminate the news of the Regents and Board of Governors to both the Governors themselves and the Fellows of the College. Past issues of The Cutting Edge are available online.

Survey Workgroup

Chair (2016–2017): Juan Paramo, MD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2016–2017): David Welsh, MD, FACS (

The Survey Workgroup published the results of the 2016 Board of Governors Annual Survey in several College formats over the last year, including in a series of articles in the Bulletin. The results of the 2017 survey are currently being analyzed. In addition to routine demographic data points, survey topics included the Stop the Bleed campaign, work-related injuries/ergonomics of surgery, the role of Advanced Practice Providers, and the opioid crisis. This workgroup also submitted a proposal on the acute care surgery data from the 2016 Governors Survey for Clinical Congress 2018.

ACS Website Representative

Bryan Richmond, MD, MBA, FACS (2016–2017)

Bulletin and ACS NewsScope Representatives

George Shires, MD, FACS (2016–2017)

Peter Andreone, MD, FACS (2016–2017)

ACS Communities Representative

Bryan Richmond, MD, MBA, FACS (2016–2017)

Education Pillar

Daniel L. Dent, MD, FACS
Pillar Lead
Governor, South Texas Chapter

As the result of the work of the Governors on the Education Pillar Workgroups, the ACS has advanced a number of initiatives this past year.

Continuing Education Workgroup

Chair (2015–2017): William Richardson, MD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2015–2017): Randy Woods, MD, FACS (

The members of the Continuing Education Workgroup have continued to collaborate with the Division of Education to provide guidance in development of a Learning Content Management System that will help Fellows navigate the numerous educational offerings of the ACS as they work to maintain state licensure and specialty certification. The workgroup has developed a Town Hall, “Why Maintenance of Certification (MOC)?” for Clinical Congress 2017.

Patient Education Workgroup

Chair (2014–2017): Terry Sarantou, MD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2016–2017): Marc S. Rubin, MD, FACS (

The Patient Education Workgroup has developed a presentation for Governors to provide communication back to their chapters or societies. In addition, the workgroup is collaborating with the Young Fellows Association (YFA) and the Patient Education Committee to improve awareness of the patient education resources available to Fellows and their patients. For example, they participated in the Chapter Speed Networking Session at Clinical Congress 2016. The workgroup submitted a proposal on patient education in the 21st century for Clinical Congress 2018.

Surgical Training Workgroup

Chair (2013–2017): Fred Luchette, MD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2015–2017): David Berger, MD, FACS (

After seeking input from the Association of Program Directors in Surgery and the Association for Surgical Education, the members of the Surgical Training Workgroup finalized a standardized letter of recommendation for applicants to surgery training programs. Four educational modules for teaching faculty are now available as the result of the efforts of this workgroup. The letter, modules, and other resources are available on the ACS website.

The workgroup is finalizing a statement regarding medical student involvement in electronic health records and development of a billing and coding course for residents. Additionally, the workgroup submitted three proposals for Clinical Congress 2018 on tips for effective teaching, going into surgical practice, and burnout.

The three workgroups in the Education Pillar submitted a total of five proposals for panel sessions at Clinical Congress 2018.

Board of Governors Committee Seats

Committee on Resident Education—Antonio Pavia, MD, FACS

Committee on Medical Student Education—Mary Brandt, MD, FACS

Committee on Patient Education—Dennis Kraus, MD, FACS

Committee on Continuous Professional Development—Charles Bridges, MD, FACS

Clinical Congress Program Committee—Daniel Dent, MD, FACS, and David Spain, MD, FACS

Committee on Emerging Surgical Technology and Education—Joann Lohr, MD, FACS

Quality, Research, and Optimal Patient Care Pillar

Steven Stain, MD, FACS
Pillar Lead
Governor, Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract

The Quality Pillar has three workgroups that focus on efforts to ensure that ACS Fellows are able to provide the best care to surgical patients.

Best Practice Workgroup

Chair (2016–2017): Therese Duane, MD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2016–2017): Christine Laronga, MD, FACS (

  • Continues to review the Evidence-Based Decisions in Surgery modules
  • Developing a standard template and timeline for creating annual guidelines
  • Creating new guidelines on perioperative anticoagulation management; a Clinical Scholar, Melissa Hornor, MD, has been assigned this task
  • Submitted a proposal on perioperative anticoagulation management for Clinical Congress 2018

Physician Competency and Health Workgroup

Chair (2015–2017): David Welsh, MD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2015–2017): Reid Adams, MD, FACS (

  • Encouraged all workgroup members to serve on one of three subcommittees—ergonomics, disruptive surgeon, and wellness.
  • Provided ergonomics questions for the 2017 Board of Governors Annual Survey, including the addition of questions on injuries in the operating room
  • Sponsored 2017 Clinical Congress sessions on disruptive surgeon and stress/burnout.
  • Submitted several 2018 Clinical Congress proposals on ergonomics.

Surgical Care Delivery Workgroup

Chair (2015–2017):Mika Sinanan, MD, PhD, FACS (

Vice-Chair (2015–2017): Kimberly Davis, MD, FACS (

  • Drafted a policy on maintaining surgical access with a locum tenens surgeon for review by the Board of Regents
  • Updated the following ACS Statements:
    • Statement on the Rationale for Emergency Surgical Call
    • Statement on the Development and Use of Proprietary Guidelines for Accountable Patient-Centered Care
    •  Submitted proposals for Clinical Congress 2018 Panel Sessions on the following:
      • The Expanding Role of Telemedicine in Global and American Medicine: Role and Opportunities for the Surgeon
      • Immediate Solutions to Surgical Workforce Needs
      • My Patient Is Reading His Operative Note and Making Editorial Suggestions: Opportunity or Risk?

Board of Governors Committee Seats

Committee on Perioperative Care—Mika Sinanan, MD, FACS

Commission on Cancer—Helen Pass, MD, FACS

Committee on Trauma—Christine Cocanour, MD, FACS