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2016 Board of Governors Annual Survey

On October 16, 2016, Mark Puls, MD, FACS, presented the results of the 2016 Governors Survey. A total of 230 responses (84%) were tabulated.

Most Governors (49%) are in academic practice. Twenty-three percent are in some sort of private practice, 15 percent are hospital-employed, and 2 percent work for a government agency (Figure 1). The results were reported for each subgroup and for the group as a whole. Graduate Medical Education and Maintenance of Certification, funding of practices and quality initiatives, and physician performance and competency reporting were of major importance to the group as a whole, with slight variations based on practice setting (Figures 2 and 3).

The electronic medical record was of slightly less concern this year compared with last year’s survey results. 

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Figure 1: Surgical Practice Setting

B/G Survey figure 1

Figure 2: Issues of Importance to Surgeons

B/G Survey figure 2

Figure 3: Top 5 Issues Based on Practice Type

B/G Survey figure 3