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Hot Topics! … from the ACS Communities

Here are the five hot topics selected by Tyler Hughes, MD, FACS, Editor-in-Chief of the ACS Communities relevant to the Board of Governors work. Note that three topics are nonclinical matters affecting the quality of life of surgeons, while two topics represent typical and helpful clinical discussions. Numerically, the top threads in the last quarter were evenly split between clinical and nonclinical threads.

1. Reapplications and privileges

Discussion of the problems of maintaining privileges and losing privileges based on numbers only.

2. MIPS 2017

Discussion of MACRA misperceptions and reactions started during Clinical Congress 2016.

3. Management of malignant polyp

Discussion of indications for minimal therapy versus resection.

4. Massive bleeding during laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Discussion of an unexpected bleeding event and its management.

5. Early retirement

Discussion of retirement and the factors surgeons choose to enter retirement.

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