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Letter from the Editor

Russell J. NautaRussell J. Nauta, MD, FACS
Governor, American Surgical Association (ASA)
Editor, The Cutting Edge: News and Notes from the Board of Governors

On behalf of the Newsletter Workgroup of the Communications Pillar of the Board of Governors (B/G), it is my pleasure to present the post-Clinical Congress edition of The Cutting Edge. This newsletter, which has been sent quarterly since the first issue in the spring of 2014, is one of many communication tools seeking to improve discourse among the Fellows, members of the Board of Governors, and members of the Board of Regents of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Other tools include Surgery News, the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, and, most recently, the Board of Governors/Board of Regents secure ACS Communities group.

The Cutting Edge offers information from various sources that is of potential interest to the Governors, the Regents, and their constituencies, and also reports briefly on new initiatives undertaken by the College. In this edition, we also continue our “On the Shoulders of Giants” column, report on the role of one of our Fellows in the development of the National Interns and Residents Matching Program, and introduce Dimitrios Linos, MD, FACS, one of our International Governors, in a column that has become a monthly feature.

The newsletter has previously addressed frequently asked questions concerning ACS leadership by describing the history, structure, function, and composition of the Board of Regents and Board of Governors. Continuing in that vein, Tyler Hughes, MD, FACS, has graciously summarized hot topics on the ACS Communities. Subjects of most concern to the Fellows, as extracted through the Governors Survey recently conducted by Mark Puls, MD, FACS, are also found within this issue. The Governors Survey has helped frame discussions among the Governors and between the Governors, the members of the Board of Regents, and the membership.

We on the newsletter staff would like to congratulate and thank Fabrizio Michelassi, MD, FACS, for his term as the Chair of the Board of Governors, and we welcome Diana L. Farmer, MD, FACS, as his replacement in that role.

Betty Sanders, Senior Administrator, Board of Governors, ACS Division of Member Services, has graciously agreed to continue her work with the Communications Pillar and is instrumental to the production of this newsletter. I am indebted to Michael Sarap, MD, FACS, who facilitated a smooth transition as he moves on to his new position as Chair of the Rural Surgery Advisory Council.

We hope you will enjoy the newsletter’s content and join us for subsequent issues. The next edition will feature more content from the Governors Survey, including the position and trajectory of acute care surgery and the funding of after-hours emergency department coverage.

I would be grateful to hear from you about how we could serve you better. 

Past issues of The Cutting Edge can be found on the Resources for Governors page.

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Russell J. Nauta, MD, FACS
B/G Newsletter Editor
Chair, Newsletter Workgroup

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Senior Administrator, Board of Governors