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Join the Associate Fellow Workgroup

Associate fellows—members of the ACS that are no longer in a training program, but have not yet attained Fellowship in the ACS—are needed to help define and elaborate resources and opportunities for networking, engagement, and collaboration.

We are looking for a group of Associate Fellows interested in volunteering to serve on a workgroup focused to define appropriate programs and resources for other Associate Fellows. If you are interested, please contact and please state “Associate Fellows” in the subject line. 

Looking very forward to being in touch!

Reflections of a First Timer to Leadership & Advocacy Summit 2017

Crystal Johnson-MannI attended the ACS Leadership & Advocacy Summit this year for several reasons. First, I enjoy being a leader among my peers. Second, I want to better understand what skills and traits are needed for effective leadership. Finally, I feel strongly about being an advocate for my field. The health care environment continues to change and it is becoming ever more evident that when physicians stick together, our voice is stronger. 

I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure what I expected to take away from the Summit, but I was eager to immerse myself completely. I found the entire event to be extraordinarily well organized and highly detailed.  The Leadership portion of the Summit offered a wide breadth of material about the components of effective leadership and why it is important for physicians to get involved and take on leadership positions.  It is critical that lawmakers and administrators consider our viewpoints as they work to improve the quality and value of this country’s health care system. 

Admittedly, I am working to become more politically aware. I find the process of governing fascinating. I found the Summit’s opening event, a welcome reception and dinner with Chuck Todd from MSNBC’s Meet the Press, to be a real treat.  Mr. Todd’s remarks and the Q&A that followed were very insightful.  Monday’s sessions with members from the ACS Division of Advocacy & Health Policy, Georgetown professors, congressional staffers, and some members of Congress themselves were also a special opportunity.  However, discussing legislation designed to directly impact surgeons and our patients with members of Congress and their staff on Tuesday was my favorite event. I was nervous at first, but the staffers put me right at ease and were very interested in learning our perspective.  Meeting Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) was also one of the highlights of my visit. That experience along with many others will continue to resonate with me in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  Leadership requires attention to detail and a willingness to make your team better, while not necessarily being the person in the front.  As physicians, our advocacy and our involvement in deciding the future of healthcare in this country is of the utmost importance. 

Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD
General surgery resident, PGY-5
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston

ACS Hires New State Affairs Associate

The ACS State Affairs team has recently hired Christian Johnson as the new State Affairs Associate. Christian joined ACS on May 1. A new map with the state assignments for Jon Sutton, Christopher Johnson, and Christian Johnson is available. Please contact Jon (, Christopher (, or Christian ( with any questions regarding state advocacy issues.

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Utilize Resources from the Surgical Patient Education Program

The Surgical Patient Education Program provides quality, evidence-based strategies to educate the surgical patient and family to reduce complications, improve participation and outcomes, support transition to home, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce costs. Surgical Patient Education Resources are available to enable your chapter to get involved and promote the program. Resources include a welcome letter, a PowerPoint slide deck that chapters are encouraged to present at a chapter meeting, and a sample pack of materials free to members, including an ostomy skills kit, quit smoking before surgery brochure, and inguinal hernia brochure. For more information on the Surgical Patient Education Program, please contact Amanda Bruggeman at 312-202-5263 or

Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery Volume 2 Available in Late 2017

To address the technical aspects of standardizing surgical care, the American College of Surgeons Clinical Research Program (ACS CRP)—a program of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and the ACS—formed the Cancer Care Standards Development Committee. For more than three years, the Committee worked to develop a manual with the participation of more than 120 surgeons that details the critical elements of breast, colon, lung, and pancreatic cancer surgery.

The second volume of the Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery manual will be published in late 2017, and will include operations for melanoma, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, rectal cancer, and thyroid cancer. The manual will be available for purchase on the Wolters Kluwer website. Contact Amanda Francescatti, Manager, ACS CRP, at with any questions.

Important Update Regarding Your JACS Subscription

Beginning in June, Resident and Associate members of the ACS will be transitioned to an online-only JACS subscription format. With this transition, JACS has begun the process of transforming from a primarily print journal, which it has been for the past 111 years, to an electronic journal that meets the needs of surgeon-readers in the 21st century. With the recently implemented direct login process for ACS members, it is much easier to take advantage of online and mobile access, and the JACS website publishes articles online more quickly than in print. We hope you will agree that JACS is a valued benefit for members of the ACS, and we remain committed to maintaining high-quality content by developing more online-only material including author videos, article discussions, and supplementary data. If you would like to opt in to receiving the print edition, log into your ACS member profile to change your preference.