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Committee Updates

Update from the Advocacy and Issues Committee

Christopher McNicollThe Advocacy and Issues Committee continues to prepare for the 2019 RAS Symposium at Clinical Congress in San Francisco. We encourage all RAS members to attend this event that will explore the topic of shiftwork surgery. Our subcommittees are currently working on projects covering topics like firearm injury, diversity in surgical trials, payment patterns affecting GME funding, and the opioid epidemic. Please join us on our conference calls on the first Wednesday of every month to get updates from the ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy on actions that the ACS is taking to advocate in Congress on our behalf. Email me or join the Wednesday conference call if you are interested in participating in any of our ongoing projects, or would like to start a new project within our committee.

Christopher McNicoll, MD
Chair, Advocacy and Issues Committee

Update from the Education Committee

Hari KeshavaThe Education Committee has been hard at work with many projects.  Two of our annual projects include the "So You Think You Can Operate?" surgical skills competition and "Surgical Jeopardy," which we are getting ready for Clinical Congress in October! We have also been working on a seminal papers in surgery podcast, as well as a multi-institutional electronic medical record usage project for surgical residents. Lastly, be sure to join our monthly calls, where we discuss education-related topics and new papers so that everyone is engaged in current education literature. If any of this sounds interesting, JOIN IN!  We are always excited to have new people!

Hari B. Keshava, MD, MS
Chair, Education Committee

Join the New Associate Fellow Committee

Associate Fellows are members of the ACS that are no longer in a training program but have not yet attained Fellowship status of the ACS.

We are looking for a group of Associate Fellows interested in volunteering to serve on our newly formed Associate Fellow Committee. Our aim is to define appropriate programs and resources for Associate Fellows. There will also be multiple opportunities for networking, engagement, and collaboration. If you are interested, please contact and please write “Associate Fellows” in the subject line. We will be holding a conference call in August.