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Scholarships and Upcoming Deadlines

Apply to the ACS Clinical Scholars in Residence Program

Apply to a two-year fellowship to study outcomes, health services, and health care policy; leave with a master’s degree. The ACS Clinical Scholars in Residence program is currently accepting applications. The program offers a two-year onsite fellowship in surgical outcomes research, health services research, and health care policy, and participants will also earn a master’s degree. The Clinical Scholar will receive strong mentorship in clinical, statistical, and health services research. Applications are due May 15.  

Submit Spectacular Surgical Cases for Clinical Congress

ACS Residents and Associate Fellows are invited to submit your most spectacular surgical cases for discussion at the annual Spectacular Cases panel at Clinical Congress 2017. Seven cases will be selected, with emphasis on those with multidisciplinary management. Cases will be presented in an M&M style. E-mail a 300-word abstract to by April 30. 

Advocacy and Issues Essay Contest: Reframing Surgical Leadership in 2017

Tell us in 1,000 words or less what you think surgical leaders look like in the 21st century: surgeon-scientists or surgeon-advocates? A changing regulatory and social environment has led to diminished individual surgeon autonomy in the operating room and in patient care. Historically, the surgeon was the “captain of the ship” inside and outside the operating room. In 2017, the surgeon is one of the many members of a health care team, often with quite limited autonomy. In the current environment of ever increasing focus on quality, safety, and outcomes, every aspect of surgical care is scrutinized, from our training models, to our patient care practices, to our operating room attire. While surgeons welcome changes that improve patient outcomes, many are troubled by the increasing regulatory and administrative burdens leading to further loss of autonomy. How can surgeons preserve their role as leaders in patient care?

What should surgical leadership look like in the 21st century? Should we strive for a seat at the table of business and politics? Or should we strengthen our commitment to direct patient care, surgical education, and research? We invite ACS Resident members and Associate Fellows to join the debate by submitting their opinions. Entries are due May 15.

Claude Organ Traveling Fellowship Deadline Is June 1

Apply for a $5,000 scholarship to attend a meeting or obtain a research honorarium at an institution of your choice. The Claude Organ Traveling Fellowship is designed to honor an outstanding young surgeon from the Society of Black Academic Surgeons, the Association of Woman Surgeons, or the Surgical Section of the National Medical Association. This $5,000 fellowship will enable a Fellow or Associate Fellow to attend an educational meeting or make an extended visit to an institution of his or her choice. The application deadline is June 1