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RAS-ACS Committee Updates

Advocacy and Issues Committee

What Do We Do?

The Advocacy and Issues Committee helps promote resident engagement in policy issues locally and nationally. Read on for information on the upcoming Advocacy and Issues RAS-ACS Symposium and a surgeon-scientist essay contest.

What Are We Working on Now? 

RAS-ACS Symposium 2017. We look forward to hosting the 2017 RAS-ACS Symposium, Reframing Surgical Leadership in 2017: Surgeon-Scientist or Surgeon-Advocate? We are very pleased to announce that David A. Spain, MD, FACS, chief of trauma and critical care surgery, Stanford University, and a member of the ACS Board of Governors, will be the moderator of the Symposium. We hope to see you there!

Symposium essay contest. We invite you to submit your essays on the topic above for the Symposium essay contest to The authors of two winning entries will be invited to present their opinions at the RAS-ACS Symposium at Clinic Congress 2017 in San Diego, CA. 

Join our conference calls. We welcome your participation in our committee! Please join us on our monthly calls, 9:00 pm (EDT) on the first Wednesday of each month. E-mail with subject line “Advocacy and Issues Committee” for information on how to call in. 

Naveen F. Sangji, MD, MPHNaveen Sangji
Chair, RAS-ACS Advocacy and Issues Committee

Alisha Reiss, MD
Vice-Chair, RAS-ACS Advocacy and Issues Committee

Christopher McNicoll, MD, MPH
Secretary, RAS-ACS Advocacy and Issues Committee

Communications Committee

What Do We Do?

The Communications Committee houses a diverse set of projects that seek to enhance communication and knowledge sharing and to represent RAS-ACS across multiple social media platforms. Read on for updates on our August Bulletin, our journal club, and our Twitter activity.

What Do We Have Planned?

August Bulletin. The theme for the August Bulletin is The Opioid Epidemic: Crisis, Impact and Solutions for the Surgeon, wherein each of the four standing RAS committees will approach the issue from their areas of expertise. If you are new to RAS and are interested in helping write one of the Bulletin articles or would like to serve as a judge for the essay contest, e-mail to get involved.

RAS-JACS Committee. Some of you may be aware of our RAS-Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS) online journal club, which selects articles for online discussion through a playoff-bracket voting format on the RAS Facebook page. Congratulations to Jonathan Meizoso and his coauthors for their publication, “Persistent Fibrinolysis Shutdown is Associated with Increased Mortality in Severely Injured Trauma Patients,” which was the overall winning abstract selected from the 128th meeting of the Southern Surgical Society. Dr. Meizoso and others in the field held an online discussion about the publication on Facebook and Twitter.

RAS on Twitter. RAS is on Twitter and you can be too. The @RASACS account is 100-percent run by members of the RAS Communications Committee. In the past month, we welcomed all of the newly matched interns with our #SurgMatch2017 campaign. We also remotely covered the activity of RAS members at several conferences in the past month, including #WTA2017, #SSO2017, #SAGES2017, and more! If you are an avid social media user or you’d like to get more exposure to become one, then RAS Communications is the group for you.

Get involved. We have several areas of new business where we are ramping up efforts. In the coming weeks we will be recording a pilot podcast for a potential joint collaboration between RAS, the Young Fellows Association (YFA), and the Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE). We hope to eventually develop a series of podcasts to accompany the This Week in SCORE curriculum. Though this project is not formally approved, it showcases the kind of opportunities and initiatives that our committee is engaged in. We would love to have you join our group, just call in to our next conference call on the second Tuesday of each month.

John Hardaway MD, PhDJohn Hardaway
Chair, RAS-ACS Communications Committee

Edward Shipper, MD
Vice-Chair, RAS-ACS Communications Committee

Christina Colosimo, DO
Secretary, RAS-ACS Communications Committee 

Education Committee

What Do We Do? 

The Education Committee promotes and advances the education of surgical residents, Fellows, and associates and discusses novel issues in surgical education. Read on for the latest updates on Top Gun and Surgical Jeopardy.

What Are We Working on Now? 

The Education Committee continues to work on bringing Top Gun to the RAS session at Clinical Congress 2017. We also want to spread Surgical Jeopardy to ACS Chapters, collaborate on education-related research, and act as a resource for other RAS committees with education-related interests or questions.

The committee continues to build a database of questions for the popular and entertaining Surgical Jeopardy game at Clinical Congress, as well as for games that are distributed to local chapters. We are always looking for creative questions or categories. Please e-mail your ideas to

Our calls occur on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Please call in and join us if you can!

Luke V. Selby, MD, MSLuke V. Selby
Chair, RAS-ACS Education Committee

Miriam Eskander, MD, MPH
Chair, RAS-ACS Education Committee

Membership Committee

What Do We Do?

The Membership Committee seeks to enhance communication and knowledge sharing amongst residents, Fellows, and leaders of the ACS. This month the committee addresses new promotional videos and opportunities for member involvement in videos.

What Are We Working on Now? 

International Exchange Scholar Program. You read about our winners in last month’s newsletter—here’s what they have to look forward to. Join us as RAS members interviewed the 2016 International Exchange Scholars at ACS Clinical Congress 2016. Each year, these international scholars travel from their home countries to attend the annual ACS Clinical Congress, and awardees from the U. S. travel to attend the equivalent surgical congress abroad. In this podcast, we hear about the differences in training paradigms around the world from our scholars Shirley Potter (Ireland), Christine Goh (Australia), and Andrea Peloso (Italy). We also speak with Edward Shipper, the current RAS Communications Vice-Chair and recent International Exchange Program scholar, regarding his experience attending the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress last May.

If you find yourself entranced at the prospect of exploring different cultures through surgery, watch the newsletter for your chance to apply in July!

Listen to the Podcast

RAS Video Content Subcommittee. The Membership Committee, recognizing the increasing role of video content on social media, is forming a new subcommittee to create and disseminate video content. If you are interested in creating content for or filming videos—whether for promotion of the RAS, updates on upcoming events and issues, or information regarding FES and other new requirements—e-mail us to get involved. Video editors to give feedback are also needed. Little to no video editing skills required! E-mail with subject line “Video Content Subcommittee” for more information.

Medical Student Landing Page. We are now post-match and celebrating our new surgical family members, but we are excited to help with the applicants for next year as they wade through the process. We are developing a website for medical students as they apply for the increasingly competitive surgical specialties. We will answer the following burning questions:

  • How do I become a competitive applicant?
  • How do I budget for interviews?
  • How many people match to my specialty?
  • Where can I go with my specialty?
  • What happens if I don’t match?

And many more. To share the benefit of your knowledge (and post-match calm) with medical students, e-mail with subject line “Medical Student Landing Page” for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you at the next conference call!

Heidi Hon, MDHeidi Hon
Chair, RAS-ACS Membership Committee

Raphael Sun, MD
Vice-Chair, RAS-ACS Membership Committee

Yewande Alimi, MD
Secretary, RAS-ACS Membership Committee