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September 2012

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Letter from the Foundation Chair

At the American College of Surgeons (ACS) 2012 Clinical Congress, the College will begin to celebrate its centennial anniversary by reflecting on the accomplishments, made possible through the efforts of dedicated Fellows and staff. Many of these milestone achievements had the necessary financial resources, thanks to the generous philanthropy of the Fellowship over the years.

For example, in 1914, a $500,000 endowment was established through the donations of 1,000 Fellows, ensuring the College’s future as a leader in patient safety as well as support for surgeons through continuing education, training, and networking. Additionally, the first scholarship award was made possible through a generous gift from Charles O. Finley, MD, FACS, in 1954. Today, nearly $2 million, most from past and current philanthropy, is annually awarded by the College for scholarships, benefitting hundreds of recipients through the years. Furthermore, many scholarship recipients have gone on to lead surgical departments, conduct important medical research, and serve the College in numerous capacities.

The ACS Archives Department, part of the ACS Division of Member Services, is one of the reasons we are able to reflect on so many details of the College’s inspiring past. As you will read in an article in this issue, support from donors to the Archives means much of the College’s rich history, particularly as described by Ms. Eleanor K. Grimm, chief assistant to founder, Franklin Martin, MD, FACS, is available for viewing on the ACS Archives.  

I am so proud of the Fellows who have continued to honor the tradition of philanthropy that began with founding of the College nearly 100 years ago. As ACS enters its next century, it will be met with many opportunities to lead the profession of surgery into new frontiers. And with your generous support, you can help ensure that the College continues to fight for the best patient care as well as support for you and for our beloved profession.

With gratitude,

Thomas R. Russell, MD, FACS
Chair, ACS Foundation

News You Can Use


As part of Clinical Congress social activities, the College will host a seminar on estate planning on Monday, October 1, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm, in the Chicago Hilton, Room PDR2. Learn at the seminar why 2012 will mark the end of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save estate taxes! Find out about the drastic changes in estate tax laws that will go into effect January 1, 2013, and what investors are doing to plan for these changes. Get up-to-the minute advice for your estate planning and hear about the common issues all people need to confront for their estate planning.

Richard A. Campbell, JD, a partner with the Mayer Brown law firm, in Chicago, IL, will discuss estate tax planning ideas with the surgeon in mind. Mr. Campbell is a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and adjunct professor in the LLM (master of law) graduate tax program at Chicago-Kent Law School. His professional honors include being listed in the “Best Lawyers in America” directory for estate planning as well as among the Top 100 Super Lawyers in the state of Illinois for seven years, from 2005 to 2012. He is also a member of the ACS Foundation’s Mayne Heritage Society Subcommittee.

When: Monday, October 1, 2:00 to 3:30 pm
Where: Chicago Hilton, Room PDR2

*Cost: $25

Registration for this seminar is available through the Social Programs section of the Clinical Congress registration or onsite during Clinical Congress at the badge pick-up location. Please contact Chris Joslin at 312-202-5362 for details.

*Fellows Leadership Society members who register and attend the seminar will receive complimentary registration through a refund issued after the event.

Be sure to stop by the Fellows Leadership Society (FLS) Hospitality Suite, which offers a place to relax, chat with old friends, catch up on e-mails, or just relax from the busy Clinical Congress schedule. It is available to all current FLS members—it will be located on the 3rd floor in the West Building of McCormick Place, near the escalators, on the central concourse.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Impact of Philanthropy: Ensuring the Preservation of the College’s History

The generous support of Fellows to the ACS Archives allows for more of the College’s rich archival resources to be made available online. Among the many online resources currently linked on the ACS Archives, is an addition that provides new insights into the early history of the ACS. Ms. Eleanor K. Grimm, long recognized by the College as pivotal in capturing and recording the history of the first 50 years of the ACS, created three volumes of “retirement scrapbooks” that have been scanned and are now available for viewing in PDF format as links on the ACS Archives Web page. 

Hired by Franklin H. Martin, MD, FACS, in 1913, the year of the College’s founding, Ms. Grimm quickly became his right-hand person and trusted assistant. Her influence was felt throughout Dr. Martin’s reign, but possibly even more after his death in 1935, when she served as the Secretary to the Board of Regents and, in effect, as chief administrative officer, until her retirement in 1951. Friendly with all the founders and other leaders of the ACS during its first 50 years, Ms. Grimm corresponded with many of them, including William and Charles Mayo, George Crile, Albert Ochsner, Allan Kanavel, Ernest Codman, Alfred Blalock, Owen Wangensteen, Frederick Besley, John Bowman (all MD, FACS), as well as Malcolm McEachern, MD, CM, Director of the ACS from 1935 to 1950. The participation of many other surgeons is also documented, arranged in her books alphabetically by correspondent. This correspondence yields information, previously unavailable, about these surgical leaders into the first half of the 20th century as well as new insights on the history of the ACS and about Ms. Grimm herself. The links to the Archival descriptions of both her History Notebooks done for the College and her Personal Papers can be found on the Eleanor Grimm Resources link on the Archives page. The correspondence can be accessed by free text searching and browsing.

Your continued support of the ACS Archives will bring even more ACS history to light during this year’s Centennial celebration, and will be a fitting legacy to former ACS Executive Director C. Rollins Hanlon, MD, FACS, who so fervently championed the ACS Archives during the last 10 years of his life.  Please contact the ACS Foundation at 312-202-5338 for more information. 

Special thanks to Susan Rishworth, ACS Archivist, for writing this article.

Celebrating Women in Medicine Month

September is Women in Medicine Month, and the Foundation is proud to work with donors who have supported the scholarly advancement of women surgeons through funds like the Claude H. Organ, Jr., MD, FACS, Traveling Fellowship and the Olga M. Jonasson, MD, FACS, Lectureship.

The ACS Foundation pays tribute to women surgeons with the following excerpt from one of the Foundation Officer’s, Amilu Stewart, MD, FACS. It is from her presidential address, A Lofty Mountain to Scale: A Tale of Perseverance, which Dr. Stewart delivered as the first woman president of the Western Surgical Association:

Let us begin with the first woman physician in recorded history. Her name was Presehet, and she lived in Egypt in roughly 2500 BCE. The hieroglyphics of her tomb indicate that she supervised both female and male physicians and taught with a modern approach to patient care involving medical history and the physical diagnoses, prognosis, and therapy. Though their numbers were low compared to male physicians, there is also documentation of women physicians practicing medicine during Greek and Roman times.

However, by 18th century Europe, the status of the surgeoness declined; and soon, the licensing of women surgeons was prohibited. The reorganization of the medical profession and the enactment of the medical registrar in 1858 prohibited women from attending the universities. Thus after scaling part of the lofty mountain, women physicians fell to its base and disappeared from the scene of medical education and practice.

Let us turn to an interesting historical figure, a British medical officer who served from 1813 to 1865 in the army. This surgeon, known as Dr. Frank Berry, rose through the ranks and was made Inspector General of Hospital in 1858. Therefore, it came as a surprise to those who knew Dr. Berry, when at his burial, he was discovered to really be a she. Dr. Berry had succeeded in this impersonation to achieve her goal in the only way available to her during the time that she lived.

On the North American front, the first woman medical graduate from an approved American medical school was Elizabeth Blackwell. In 1845, living in the home of a physician, she attended lectures of Joseph Warrington, MD, who sponsored her by a letter of recommendation to Geneva Medical College, (in Geneva, NY). Elizabeth was admitted in 1846 and attended school for three years, graduating at the head of her class in 1849. Following in her footsteps, Elizabeth’s sister, Emily Blackwell, also persevered through many medical school rejections, finally getting her diploma and becoming the first women in the U.S. to perform major surgery.

The Foundation salutes these courageous women and the thousands of women surgeons who came after, disregarding gender bias to lead successful careers in surgery and medicine.

Dr. Amilu Stewart became a Fellow of the College in 1974 and, since that time, has served the College in numerous roles. She was the first woman to serve as Chair of the ACS Board of Governors, and was the recipient of the College’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award, in 2010.

ACS Women in History facts:

  • 1913: The first year of the American College of Surgeons and the first year it welcomed a woman surgeon as a Fellow.
  • 1925: Lillian K. P. Farrar, MD, FACS, and Agnes C. Vietor, MD, FACS, become the first women to serve on the ACS Board of Governors.

Highlight on Giving: The Olga M. Jonasson, MD, FACS, Lectureship

Another woman surgeon who broke down many barriers and inspired hundreds of women and minority surgeons was Olga M. Jonasson, MD, FACS. The Foundation has teamed up with the ACS Women in Surgery Committee to honor Dr. Olga Jonasson and her legacy as a surgical trailblazer. Led by the Women in Surgery Committee Chair, Hilary Sanfey, MB, BCH, MHPE, FACS, the effort to fully endow the Jonasson Lecture is nearing its end as nearly three quarters of the funds have been raised to date. Contributing during Women in Medicine month is an excellent opportunity to honor Dr. Jonasson’s legacy and help the campaign reach a successful conclusion.

“As one of the first women to have a successful career in surgery, Dr. Jonasson created a pathway for all of us to follow. Her leadership, determination, and tenacity in breaking down barriers enabled and inspired us to pursue our dreams and achieve success. The American College of Surgeons Women in Surgery Committee is deeply appreciative of the ACS decision to name an annual lecture in her memory and is committed to working with the Foundation to ensure that the lecture is supported,” Dr. Sanfey said.

Donations to the Jonasson Lectureship Fund can be made by visiting the ACS Foundation, clicking on "Donate Now" and selecting the Olga Jonasson Fund from the list of fund options after logging into your ACS account.

The Foundation thanks the Women in Surgery Committee and Dr. Sanfey for their ongoing work to establish this endowment. This year’s Olga M. Jonasson Lecture will take place on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

“Peeking Behind the Curtain: Surgical Judgment Beyond Cognition”
Sponsored by the Women in Surgery Committee
Lecturer: Carol-Anne Moulton, MEd, PhD, FRACS, Toronto, ON, Canada

The Foundation also thanks The Olga M. Jonasson, MD, FACS, Lectureship donors as of August 30, 2012:

American Surgical Association
Dr. Keith Dave Amos - North Carolina
Dr. Jacquelynn D. Arbuckle - Wisconsin
Dr. Nancy L. Ascher - California
Dr. Marguerite P. Barnett - Florida
Dr. Linda M. Barney - Ohio
Dr. Barbara L. Bass - Texas
Dr. Kathryn L. Berndt - Virginia
Drs. Gail E. Besner and David Brigstock - Ohio
Dr. Linda J. Bogar - Pennsylvania
Dr. Karen R. Borman - Pennsylvania
Dr. Mary-Margaret Brandt - Michigan
Dr. Karen J. Brasel - Wisconsin
Dr. Tara M. Breslin - Michigan
Dr. Terry Buchmiller - Massachusetts
Dr. Sally E. Carty - Pennsylvania
Dr. Kathleen M. Casey - Rhode Island
Dr. Amalia L. Cochran - Utah
Dr. Yolonda L. Colson - Massachusetts
Dr. Annesley W. Copeland - District of Columbia
Mrs. Donna Coulombe - Illinois
Drs. Alice and Edward Dachowski - Ohio
Dr. Catherine M. Dang - California
Dr. Gerard M. Doherty - Massachusetts
Dr. Joan Dolinak - Ohio
Dr. Margaret M. Dunn - Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Eberlein - Missouri
Dr. E. Christopher Ellison - Ohio
Douglas B. Evans - Wisconsin
Dr. Diana L. Farmer - California
Dr. Ellen Thomason Farrokhi - Washington
Dr. Ann Marie Flannery - Missouri
Dr. Jessica Folek - Oregon
Dr. Julie A. Freischlag - Maryland
Dr. Vivian Gahtan - New York
Drs. Nancy L. Gantt and Raymond J. Boniface - Ohio
Dr. Amy J. Goldberg - Pennsylvania
Dr. Darla K. Granger - Michigan
Dr. Baiba J. Grube and Dr. Roger S. Foster - Vermont
Dr. Linda K. Han - Ohio
Dr. B. J. Hancock - Manitoba
Dr. Traci L. Hedrick - Virginia
Dr. Sharon M. Henry - Maryland
Dr. Eddie L. Hoover - New York
Dr. H. Mathilda Horst - Michigan
Dr. Karen D. Horvath - Washington
Dr. Emina H. Huang - Florida
Dr. Joan L. Huffman - Florida
Dr. Jerrilyn M. Jutton - Maryland
Dr. Richard Jeffrey Kagan - Ohio
Dr. Susan Kaiser - New York
Dr. Danielle A. Katz - New York
Dr. Rosemary F. Kelly - Minnesota
Dr. M. Margaret Kemeny - New York
Dr. Rosemary A. Kozar - Texas
Dr. Helen Laib and Dr. David Laib - Illinois
Dr. Anne C. Larkin - Massachusetts
Dr. Anna M. Ledgerwood - Michigan
Dr. A. Marilyn Leitch - Texas
Dr. Keith D. Lillemoe - Massachusetts
Dr. Roberta J. Lilly - Maryland
Dr. Anne T. Mancino - Arkansas
Col. Mary E. Maniscalco-Theberge - Virginia
Dr. Averil Mansfield - United Kingdom
Dr. Marilyn Marx - Texas
Drs. Jeffrey B. and Joan G. Matthews - Illinois
Dr. Mary H. McGrath - California
Dr. Robin S. McLeod - Ontario
Dr. Heidi Christine Memmel - Illinois
Dr. Cecylia K. Mizera - Illinois
Dr. Margaret M. Mooney - Maryland
Dr. Laura J. Moore - Texas
Dr. Karin M. Muraszko - Michigan
Dr. Katie S. Nason - Pennsylvania
Drs. Leigh A. Neumayer and David A. Bull - Utah
Dr. Patricia J. Numann - New York
Dr. Jemi Olak - California
Dr. Susan L. Orloff - Oregon
Dr. Valerie Papaconstantinou-Bauer - Texas
Dr. John J. Park - Illinois
Dr. Emily J. Penman - Delaware
Dr. Quynhanh H. T. Pham - Florida
Dr. Linda G. Phillips - Texas
Dr. Jeffrey L. Ponsky - Ohio
Dr. Susan E. Pories - Massachusetts
Dr. Mary E. Price - North Carolina
Dr. Bao-Lan N. Raikar - Minnesota
Dr. Sylvia M. Ramos - New Mexico
Dr. Patricia Roberts - Massachusetts
Dr. Valerie W. Rusch - New York
Dr. Hilary A. Sanfey - Illinois
Dr. Heena P. Santry - Massachusetts
Dr. Sharfi Sarker - Illinois
Dr. Janice A. Schilling - California
Dr. Miren A. Schinco - Florida
Dr. Elizabeth A. Shaughnessy - Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Sheldon - North Carolina
Dr. Jillian K. Smith - Massachusetts
Dr. Carmen C. Solorzano - Tennessee
Drs. Steven C. Stain and Hyacinth R. C. Mason - New York
Dr. Susan Steinemann - Hawaii
Dr. Lygia Stewart - California
Dr. Amilu Stewart - Colorado
Dr. Susan A. Stuart - Arizona
Dr. Beth H. Sutton - Texas
Dr. Paula M. Termuhlen - Wisconsin
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Thomas Jr. - Illinois
Dr. Carrie A. Thoms - Wisconsin
Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Timmerman - South Dakota
Dr. and Mrs. Courtney M. Townsend, Jr. - Texas
Dr. Patricia L. Turner - Illinois
Dr. Krista L. Turner - Texas
Dr. Mark R. Wakefield - Missouri
Dr. Holly C. Wall - Louisiana
Dr. Danielle S. Walsh - North Carolina
Dr. Jennifer M. Watters - Oregon
Dr. Tyr O. Wilbanks - New York
Dr. Laura Ellen Witherspoon - Tennessee
Dr. Sherry M. Wren - California
Dr. Julie L. Wynne - Arizona
Dr. Michael W. Yeh - California
Dr. Nancy M. Young - Illinois
Dr. Martha A. Zeiger – Maryland

Thank You to Recent Donors - June 2012 through August 2012

The following individuals have joined or upgraded their membership in the Fellows Leadership Society:

Legacy Circle

Prof. and Mrs. John Wong - China

Governors Circle

Dr. S. Rob Todd - New York

Donors Circle (Individuals giving $1,000 and above from June 2012 through August 2012) -

Dr. David B. Adams - South Carolina
Dr. Anthony Atala - North Carolina
Dr. Hesham M. Atwa - New York
Dr. Robert R. and Janet Bahnson – Ohio
Dr. Miguel Angel Cainzos – Spain
Dr. Joseph B. Cofer – Tennessee
Dr. Myriam J. Curet – California
Dr. Clay O. Demattei – Illinois
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Finley - British Columbia
Dr. Eric Robert Frykberg – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Grover – Colorado
Dr. B. J. Hancock – Manitoba
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Holcroft – California
Drs. David B. and Beth Hoyt – Illinois
Dr. Lenworth M. Jacobs, Jr. – Connecticut
Dr. Judith M. Johnson – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Christoph R. Kaufmann – Pennsylvania
Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Kenyon – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Kimbrough – Texas
Albert Kwan - New Mexico
Dr. Patricia J. Numann - New York
Dr. and Mrs. J. Patrick O'Leary – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Ole A. Peloso - New Mexico
Dr. Gilbert S. Perlman – California
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Phibbs, Jr. – Minnesota
Dr. Alan B. Pillersdorf – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Grant V. Rodkey – Massachusetts
Dr. Chad A. Rubin - South Carolina
Drs. Steven C. Stain and Hyacinth R. C. Mason - New York
Dr. S. Rob Todd- New York
Dr. Jon A. van Heerden - South Carolina
Dr. Alexander D. Wade – Wisconsin
Dr. Michael Thomas Watkins – Massachusetts
Dr. Clarence B. Watridge – Tennessee
Dr. John A. Weigelt – Wisconsin
Prof. and Mrs. John Wong - China

Donors Circle (Chapters, Corporations, and Foundations giving $1,000 or more from June 2012 through August 2012)

Arizona ACS Chapter
Boston Scientific Corporation
Coloplast Corp.
Suzanne Nora Johnson & David G. Johnson Foundation
Metropolitan Philadelphia ACS Chapter
Pfizer Inc.
Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons
South Carolina ACS Chapter
Southwestern Pennsylvania ACS Chapter

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