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March 2012

In This Issue:

From the Foundation Chair - Impact of Giving

In this issue, you will see a listing of very generous donors who gave during the Foundation’s year-end annual appeal. If you recently made a gift to the Foundation, your name is included on the donor listing so be sure to look for it. You, along with other donors, made it possible for the Foundation to raise more than $100,000 for the College’s programs and initiatives. I am so thankful for this generous support and am excited to see the continued growth of philanthropy at the College.

After arriving at the Foundation’s office, each contribution is processed and goes to work…enabling the College to provide a “margin of excellence” to you and your patients. Foundation donors choose to give to a variety of areas—Sustaining Fund, Cancer Programs, Trauma Education, and many more. To give you a better understanding of each, there will be an article dedicated to a different area in each of the next few issues of Philanthropy at Work. This issue includes an article focusing on the Sustaining Fund.

Whichever fund you selected, you and other donors are helping the College achieve its mission of improving the care of the surgical patient and safeguarding standards of care in an optimal and ethical practice environment—for today and for future generations of surgeons. Thank you again for your generous support.

All the best,

Thomas R. Russell, MD, FACS
Chair, ACS Foundation

News to Use – Plan Ahead for Charitable Deductions in 2012

The Revenue Act of 1917 first created the charitable income tax deduction. It has long encouraged Americans to give back to their communities by providing tax deductions for contributions to charitable organizations. In fact, studies have shown that the tax policy has a big impact on charitable giving. For example:

--Itemizing households accounted for 70 percent of the $229 billion in charitable donations in 2008.

--The power of the incentive can be seen in the timing of charitable giving, with more than 20 percent of annual online charitable donations made on December 30 and 31.

If you haven't yet filed for 2011, don’t forget to utilize the tax deduction that your 2011 gift to the ACS Foundation provides. For donations of $250 or more, you will need a copy of your check or the tax receipt letter from the Foundation, which was mailed to your current address of record. However, if you need an additional copy, please call the Foundation at 312-202-5338; we will be happy to provide a copy to you. Thanks for choosing the Foundation as one of your favorite charities! For more information on the American College of Surgeons Foundation, go to

Highlight on Giving - Leaving a Legacy

Frederick W. Plugge IV, MD, FACS, spent most of his professional career serving his country as an Air Force medical officer, rising to the rank of Brigadier General and chief of the general surgery service at Malcolm Grow USAF Medical Center, Andrews Air Force base, in Maryland. Though Dr. Plugge passed away in 2010, memory of his generosity and legacy of service to others will continue to inspire for years to come, thanks to his simple, yet benevolent, act of leaving a gift to the American College of Surgeons in his will.

After receiving his medical degree from the University of Maryland, Dr. Plugge was a reserve officer with the Air Force Reserve’s 628th Hospital in Baltimore. In 1978, he was tapped as chief of hospital services of USAF Hospital Wiesbaden, in Germany, and less than two years later, was named commander, in time to oversee the care of the American hostages who were taken captive at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran, in 1979. He held other positions with the Air Force following his service in Wiesbaden and retired in October 1991.

Dr. Plugge became a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) in 1965 and served on the Board of Governors from 1990 to 1993. Soon after, he notified the ACS Foundation that a portion of his estate would be designated to the College, which qualified him for membership in the Mayne Heritage Society. Dr. Plugge was particularly interested in the College’s efforts in research and scholarships/fellowships.

By leaving the College a certain percentage of his assets through his will, Dr. Plugge ensured that he would be financially secure during his lifetime, while providing for the College’s work in the future. The ACS is tremendously grateful for Dr. Plugge’s commitment to the surgical profession and remarkable philanthropy.

The only requirement of Mayne Heritage Society membership is simply to make a planned gift to the College.  Donations through wills, known as bequests, are one of the easiest ways to make a planned gift to the College. To make a bequest, all you have to do is:

--Ask your estate planning attorney to add this suggested wording to your will or living trust:

“I give to the American College of Surgeons, Chicago, Ill., (the sum of $ or percent of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) for its general purposes.”

--Next, notify the American College of Surgeons Foundation to ensure that your intentions as a benefactor are confirmed and recognized, or if you prefer, kept anonymous.

For more information on planned giving, please contact Martin Wojcik, Executive Director, ACS Foundation, by e-mail at or by phone at 312-202-5376. You can also learn more about Mayne Heritage Society by visiting the web page.

Program Spotlight – The Sustaining Fund

The majority of the funds raised through the year-end appeal were directed to the Sustaining Fund, which supports the areas of greatest need within the College. This fund boosts the financial strength of ACS and enables the College to sustain valuable programs and to respond to new opportunities or priority initiatives like the Inspiring Quality campaign.

Thanks to the Sustaining Fund, the College is also able to continue the value proposition provided to the ACS Fellowship by:

  • Conducting research to provide cutting-edge best practices in patient care
  • Developing innovative education and training programs to support practicing surgeons
  • Fostering the next generation of promising surgeons through scholarships and fellowships
  • Giving surgeons, from across the U.S. and around the globe, opportunities for networking
  • Promoting the image of the surgical profession…today and tomorrow

Made Possible By Our Donors

For more than 10 years, philanthropy has annually supported International Guest Scholarships (IGS).  Last year, 10 of these scholarships were awarded. The common purpose of the IGS Program is to encourage international exchange of information concerning surgical practice and research and to establish professional and academic collaborations and friendships. This is one more way that philanthropic support is making a difference for the next generation of surgeons.

Impact of Philanthropy

Coloplast Grant to Fund New Controlled Patient Education Study for Ostomy Patients

The American College of Surgeons Surgical Patient Education Program (Division of Education) will conduct a controlled, multisite study to determine the effectiveness of a home skills ostomy kit for patients to use once they are discharged from the hospital. Coloplast Corp. will fund the controlled study, which will feature a kit that provides ostomy patients with the knowledge and opportunity to practice the skills for effective home care following their operations.

“Education is a crucial need for people who are planning ostomy surgery," said Ed Veome, Coloplast vice president, marketing. "Coloplast is extremely excited to continue our partnership with the American College of Surgeons to help new ostomates better understand the clinical and lifestyle changes related to ostomy surgery. The ACS kits help nurses and hospitals extend patient reach throughout the care continuum and improve the overall patient experience.”

An earlier educational grant from Coloplast, supported the supplies, printing, and distribution of more than 30,000 home skills kits. Each kit contains a simple ostomy simulator, sample pouches, measurement guide, scissors, instruction booklet with images to guide each step of skill acquisition, a DVD with demonstration of each skill, and a skills checklist, as well as a list of additional resources and support groups. An evaluation form is also included in each kit.

"Contributions from Coloplast and other donors provide essential resources for the American College of Surgeons as it furthers its commitment to patient safety and patient education through programs like the home care skills kit for ostomy patients,” said Thomas R. Russell, MD, FACS, Chair of the American College of Surgeons Foundation. "We truly appreciate Coloplast’s continuing support; it is a shining example of how philanthropy is making a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and their health care providers every day."

Patients and surgical professionals may order the ostomy home skills kit online through the American College of Surgeons website.

The educational content of the kit is also available on the ACS website.

Thank You to Recent Donors – December 2011 through February 2012 

The following individuals have joined or upgraded their membership in the Fellows Leadership Society:

Founders Circle

Dr. Yeu-Tsu Margaret Lee – Hawaii

Regents Circle

Dr. and Mrs. Ole A. Peloso – New Mexico

Governors Circle

The Chassin Family - New York  
Dr. Michael J. Demeure – Arizona
David Marsh and Barbara Carr – Connecticut
Dr. Lena M. Napolitano – Michigan
Drs. Samuel P. and Leaena N. Reyes – California
Dr. James F. Ross – Manitoba
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Chrisann Sferra – Ohio
Michigan ACS Chapter

Gifts made December 1, 2011 through February 29, 2012

Donors Circle (Gifts of $1,000 or more)


Dr. Douglas B. Aach – Illinois
Dr. John R. Anton – New York
Dr. and Mrs. H. Randolph Bailey – Texas
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Balch – Texas
Dr. and Mrs. R. Daniel Beauchamp – Tennessee
Rev. Talmadge A. Bowden, Jr., MD – Georgia
Drs. Murray F. and Susan Chambers Brennan – New York
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Cameron – Maryland
Dr. David J. Carlson – Indiana
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Chappano – Florida
The Chassin Family – New York
Drs. William G. Cioffi and Theresa A. Graves – Rhode Island
Dr. and Mrs. Abilio A. Coello – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. J. Craig Collins – California
Dr. Robert F. Crochelt – Alaska
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Daly – Pennsylvania
Dr. Michael J. Demeure – Arizona
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Dempsey – Pennsylvania
Dr. Mohd Yusuf Dhar – California
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Dillon – Virginia
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Donovan – California
Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Dulchavsky – Michigan
Drs. A. Brent and Sarita Eastman – California
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Eberlein – Missouri
Dr. A. Willard Emch – Florida
Dr. Robert M. Flanigan – Illinois
Dr. William H. Fleming – Nebraska
Dr. Henri R. Ford – California
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Forde – New York
Drs. Roger S. Foster, Jr. and Baiba J. Grube – Connecticut
Dr. Daniel J. Frey – Louisiana
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Gerein – British Columbia
Dr. John J. Gleysteen – Alabama
Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Goodman – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Goodnight, Jr. – California
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Grambort – Arkansas
Dr. Margaret Hanlon – Illinois
Dr. Elias S. Hanna – California
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Healy – Massachusetts
Dr. Harry W. Herr – New York
Dr. David Hidalgo – New York
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Hiler – California
Dr. Ching Ho – Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. Jamal J. Hoballah – New York
Dr. Thomas G. Howrigan – Vermont
Dr. David G. Jacobs – North Carolina
Dr. Song-Kee Kim – Illinois
Dr. and Mrs. G. Edward Kimm, Jr. – Colorado
Dr. Donald H. Klotz, Jr. – Michigan
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Kovacevich – California
Drs. Mark L. and Lena B. Labowe – California
Dr. Benjamin B. Lecompte III – Illinois
Dr. Anna M. Ledgerwood – Michigan
Dr. Yeu-Tsu Margaret Lee – Hawaii
Dr. Keith D. Lillemoe – Massachusetts
Dr. Paul W. Loeffler – Texas
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lottenberg – Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lucas – Michigan
Dr. Ronald Vitt Maier – Washington
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Malangoni – Pennsylvania
Mr. and Mrs. David Marsh – Connecticut
Drs. Jeffrey B. and Joan G. Matthews – Illinois
Dr. Donald A. McCain – New Jersey
Dr. Michael M. Meguid – Florida
Dr. Jane E. Mendez – Massachusetts
Dr. William Merkow – Wisconsin
Anthony and Marian Meyer – North Carolina
Dr. Fabrizio Michelassi – New York
Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Moody – Texas
Drs. Ernest E. and Sarah V. Moore, Jr. – Colorado
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Morgan – Virginia
Dr. Xavier R. Mousset – Louisiana
Dr. David S. Mulder – Quebec
Dr. David G. Murray and Ms. Judith M. Sayles – New York
Dr. and Mrs. K. V. K. Murthy – Minnesota
Dr. and Mrs. Nagendra Nadaraja – New York
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Nahrwold – Illinois
Dr. Lena M. Napolitano – Michigan
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Ocampo – California
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O'Farrell – Kansas
Dr. Olukayode S. Omotunde – North Dakota
Dr. Joan C. Palomaki – Ohio
Dr. Christopher K. Payne – California
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Pellegrini – Washington
Dr. and Mrs. Ole A. Peloso – New Mexico
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pennington, Jr. – South Carolina
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Phibbs, Jr. – Minnesota
†Dr. Frederick W. Plugge IV – District of Columbia
Dr. and Mrs. Karl C. Podratz – Minnesota
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Principato – New Jersey
Drs. Hiram C. Polk and Susan Galandiuk – Kentucky
Dr. Howard R. Porter – California
Martine B. and William P. Reed – New York
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Reyes – California
Dr. and Mrs. J. David Richardson – Kentucky
Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Riley, Jr. – Michigan
Vivian and Tony Robles – California
Dr. James F. Ross – Manitoba
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Rothenberger – Minnesota
The Sam & Jennie Rovit Memorial Foundation, Inc. – New York
Drs. Thomas R. and Nona C. Russell – California
Drs. Ajit Kumar and Rajeev Sachdeva – Illinois
Dr. Hilary A. Sanfey – Illinois
Dr. Thomas M. Scalea – Maryland
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schneider II – Missouri
Dr. Marshall Z. Schwartz – Pennsylvania
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Seljeskog – South Dakota
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Shaftan – New York
Dr. and Mrs. Wihbi A. Shu'Ayb – Lebanon
Dr. Raymond Leigh Smith – Pennsylvania
Dr. Carmen C. Solorzano – Tennessee
Dr. Steven C. Stain – New York
Dr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Stern – California
Dr. Amilu Stewart – Colorado
Dr. Richard S. Swanson – Massachusetts
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tachovsky – Pennsylvania
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Thomas, Jr. – Illinois
Dr. Jon S. Thompson – Nebraska
Dr. Fred L. Turrill – California
Dr. Louis R. Vazquez – California
Drs. Nicholas B. Vedder and Susan R. Heckbert – Washington
Dr. Robert Shelton Viney – Texas
Drs. Marilene B. Wang and James P. Watson – California
Dr. Michael Thomas Watkins – Massachusetts
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald John Weigel – Iowa
Dr. Samuel W. Williams – South Carolina
Dr. Donald K. Wonder II – Missouri
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zinner – Massachusetts
Dr. Stanley Ziomek – Missouri

Chapters (Gifts of $1,000 or more)
Japan ACS Chapter
Massachusetts ACS Chapter
Metropolitan Philadelphia ACS Chapter
Michigan ACS Chapter
South Florida ACS Chapter

Organizations (Gifts of $1,000 or more)
National Medical Association
USU Surgical Associates

Corporations (Gifts of $25,000 or more)
Coloplast Corp.
Ethicon, Inc.