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June 2012

In This Issue:

Letter from the Foundation - How Are We Doing?

This edition of Philanthropy at Work marks the second anniversary of this e-newsletter. The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Foundation uses this quarterly update to communicate with you, our donor, on the College programs and funds and how your gift is being put to good use. It also gives you the opportunity to see who else has joined you in making philanthropic contributions to the College.

We hope that you find the newsletter meaningful and the articles compelling. But if you find that something is missing or would like more information on a specific topic, please let us know by e-mailing or calling the Foundation at 312-202-5338. It is our goal to keep you informed on how you are helping to fuel the College’s continued growth and success.

Also, as mentioned in the March edition, Philanthropy at Work will feature a different funded program of the College in each issue. This time the focus will be on the Trauma Programs with a highlight on how philanthropy ensured the completion of the first Advanced Trauma Life Support course in Egypt.

Thank you for your continuing support of the College!

Highlight on Giving - Supporting a Passion

Clinician, technician, administrator, educator, researcher, and philanthropist equally describe Kenneth L. Mattox, MD, FACS. Over his impressive career as a general and thoracic surgeon, Dr. Mattox has given back to the world in many different ways. His remarkable advocacy for the College’s Committee on Trauma is one example of his humanitarian work. Through personal giving and campaigning for support from the Trauma and Critical Care Foundation for more than 20 years, Dr. Mattox has provided the College with significant resources and is recognized as one of the ACS Foundation’s major donors. He is a member of the ACS Foundation’s Legacy Circle of the Fellows Leadership Society, the donor recognition program of the Foundation.

Program Spotlight - ATLS Expands to Egypt

The College’s Committee on Trauma (COT) has three critical pillars of success: quality, education, and advocacy. Since its beginnings, COT assumes a prominent role in professional activities at the College and has launched several programs, including the National Trauma Data Bank and the Advanced Trauma Life Support® (ATLS®) courses, which have changed the landscape of trauma care in the U.S. and throughout the world. For example, since 1978, COT has taught the ATLS course to more than one million doctors in 63 countries. ATLS has taught a common language and a common approach, and thereby, has become the foundation of care for injured patients worldwide. Last year alone, more than 45,000 students were trained. The Trauma Program recently expanded its outreach to include the Middle East, presenting programs in Syria, Oman, and Egypt.

In early 2010, ATLS-Egypt Chair Abdelhakim El Kholy, MD asked the ACS to introduce the ATLS program to Egypt. Dr. El Kholy has been an exceptionally active ATLS instructor for more than 15 years, starting when he worked as an emergency physician in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His recent move back to his home country, Egypt, prompted him to collaborate with his colleagues from the Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ESPRS) and the Egyptian Orthopedic Association (EOA) to launch the ATLS program there. The Egyptian team’s dedication to disseminate the program throughout their country is largely due to the number of deaths caused by motor vehicle collisions.

Plans to conduct their first inaugural course in early 2011 were put on hold due to the “Arab Spring” uprising in January 2011 and the periodic outbursts of violence that followed. Unfortunately, the rescheduling of the course resulted in unforeseen additional expenses. However, thanks to an endowment established through the ACS Foundation to fund internationally based trauma courses, the Egyptian program received grant funding and was successfully completed in September 2011. Many generous Fellows and organizations contributed a combined $335,000 to the Trauma Education Endowment, and the interest earned will allow other international medical professionals to receive ATLS training proven to increase the number of lives saved and reduce the effects of life-altering injuries. It is another example of how the College’s generous donors are having a tremendous, positive impact.  

Special thanks to Jasmine Alkhatib, Trauma Programs International Coordinator, for contributing to this article.

News You Can Use - Give the Gift of Stock

For your next donation to the College, have you considered giving appreciated stocks instead of a cash gift? Forgo some of the heavy capital gains tax, and give stock this year. The value of the stock at the time of its transfer will be the value of the donation for tax deduction purposes.

Here are the simple steps:

Contact your broker and provide required instruction authorizing transfer of stock to the American College of Surgeons. Inform the ACS Foundation (312-202-5376 /E-mail: of your intent to contribute stock, providing the following information:

--Your full name

--The name, address, and telephone number of your broker

--The name of the stock(s) to be transferred

--The number of shares

--The anticipated date of transfer


American College of Surgeons
Northern Trust
Account: NT2058157
DTC: 226

Contact person: Sue Ingraffia
Phone: 312-557-2912

ACS tax ID 30-0305504
ACS Foundation: 312-202-5338
Upon successful transfer of the donated stock, the College will officially acknowledge your contribution for tax purposes.

Impact of Philanthropy - Surgical Oncology Scholars-in-Residence

Through the generous philanthropic support from Genentech, Inc., the College’s Cancer Programs has benefited from the talents of Richelle Williams, MD, an aspiring academic surgical oncologist from the Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago. During her two-year fellowship funded by Genentech, Dr. Williams completed several clinical research studies for the ACS Commission on Cancer’s National Cancer Data Base.

Genentech, Inc. recently announced that it would continue its commitment to the Surgical Oncology Scholar-in Residence Fellowship, funding the newly named Research Fellow, Jennifer Paruch, MD.

Read the full article.

Thank You to Our Loyal Donors

Our loyal donors are the lifeline to the Foundation and its success in providing the College’s programs with resources that enhance the level of excellence provided to surgeons and patients alike.

The Foundation extends special appreciation to the nearly 100 donors who have given 20 or more gifts to the College. Some have given a faithful donation annually, while others have given multiple times during the year to reach this distinction. Their friendship and support are invaluable to our success.


Dr. Idatonye Ibibama Afonya - Minnesota
Dr. Rashid Ayyub - New York
Dr. Maurice Bakaleinik - New Jersey
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. F. Baker Jr. - South Carolina
Dr. James M. Betts - California
Dr. Somangsu Bhattacharya - California
Dr. Ewing T. Boles Jr. - Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Bowman III - Maryland
Dr. Guillermo E. Brachetta - Texas
Dr. and Mrs. Lee R. Britton - Michigan
Dr. and Mrs. Aspi M. Byramjee - Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. Jules I. Cahan - Maryland
Col. Candice L. Castro - Texas
Dr. Benny R. Cleveland - Texas
Dr. Cleo P. Coles, Jr. - Florida
Drs. Imad S. and Randa H. Dandan - California
Dr. Fernando Delasotta - New Jersey
Dr. and Mrs. Emerson F. Fackler - Pennsylvania
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fantus - Illinois
Dr. and Mrs. Eric W. Fonkalsrud - California
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Gatti - New Jersey
Dr. Steven L. Goldberg - California
Dr. Abel R. Gonzalez C - Santo Domingo
Dr. James D. Greig - Hawaii
Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Guzzetta, Jr. - Texas
Dr. Mehmet Ali Haberal - Turkey
Dr. and Mrs. Chester Z. Haverback - Maryland
Drs. Jonathan R. and Jo Carol G. Hiatt - California
Dr. and Mrs. J. Shelton Horsley III - Virginia
H. Mathilda Horst MD - Michigan
Dr. and Mrs. M. Beckett Howorth, Jr. - Mississippi
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Jaffe - Louisiana
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Johnston - Washington
Dr. and Mrs. R. Scott Jones - Virginia
Dr. Antoine Jean Michel Jumelle - Oklahoma
Dr. Seiji Kawasaki - Japan
Dr. and Mrs. Randall T. Kelly - Texas
Dr. Donald H. Klotz Jr. - Michigan
Dr. and Mrs. Quentin F. Knauer - Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Konefal, Jr. - Massachusetts
Dr. Paul K. Kosty - California
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Kovacevich - California
Dr. Sanath Kumar - Illinois
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Langer - Ontario
Dr. Barry M. Manuel - Massachusetts
Dr. David L. Mehlum - Washington
Dr. and Mrs. Steven P. Menaker - Alaska
Dr. and Mrs. Philip P. Metzger - Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Miranda - California
Dr. Sharon K. Muenchow - California
Dr. and Mrs. Nagendra Nadaraja - New York
Dr. and Mrs. Adel G. Nafrawi - Texas
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Nahrwold - Illinois
Mr. Felix Niespodziewanski - Illinois
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Principato - New Jersey
Dr. and Mrs. Basil A. Pruitt, Jr. - Texas
Dr. and Mrs. Norman K. Pullman - Kansas
Dr. B. M. Rajashekara - California
Drs. Thomas R. and Nona C. Russell - California
Dr. Vinayak M. Sabnis - New Jersey
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Saletta - Illinois
Dr. Michael B. Shannon - Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. Glyndon B. Shaver Jr. - North Carolina
Dr. Fritz Stellwag-Carion - Austria
Dr. Beth H. Sutton - Texas
Dr. and Mrs. Colin G. Thomas, Jr. - North Carolina
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Thomas, Jr. - Illinois
Dr. John M. Thomas - Florida
Dr. Michael L. Tilly - Texas
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Todd - North Carolina
Dr. Sergio F. Uhthoff Brito - Mexico
Drs. Edward and Candace Walworth - Maine
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Warshaw - Massachusetts
Dr. Kwok Kee Wong – Hong Kong
Dr. Clifford S. Yaffe - Canada
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Zech - Washington
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Zeveney, Jr. - Pennsylvania

Chapters and Corporations

Alabama ACS Chapter
Arizona ACS Chapter
South Florida ACS Chapter
Georgia Society of the American College of Surgeons
Kentucky ACS Chapter
Louisiana ACS Chapter
Maryland ACS Chapter
Nebraska ACS Chapter
New Mexico ACS Chapter
Brooklyn - Long Island ACS Chapter
North Carolina ACS Chapter
Ohio ACS Chapter
South Carolina ACS Chapter
North Texas ACS Chapter
Virginia ACS Chapter
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
Ethicon, Inc.
Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network
Pfizer Inc. (Including Wyeth Pharmaceuticals)

Our loyal donors, Dr. Andrew and Brenda Warshaw are also members of the Mayne Heritage Society, the planned giving recognition program of the Foundation.

Read why Dr. and Mrs. Warshaw are passionate about their philanthropic support of ACS.

Thank You to Recent Donors - March 2012 through May 2012

The following individuals have joined or upgraded their membership in the Fellows Leadership Society:

Legacy Circle

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Mattox – Texas
Dr. Antonio and Vivian Robles – California

Regents Circle

Dr. Steven C. Stain – New York
Col. Kirby R. Gross – Indiana
Dr. LaMar and Julia McGinnis – Georgia

Governors Circle

Dr. Robert R. and Janet Bahnson – Ohio
Dr. John M. Daly and Family – Pennsylvania
Dr. B.J. Hancock – Canada
Dr. Alan B. Pillersdorf – Florida

The following corporations have recently joined or upgraded their membership in the Fellows Leadership Society:

Second Century Circle

Coloplast Corp.

Governors Circle

Boston Scientific Corporation

The following individuals have recently joined the Mayne Heritage Society:

† Dr. Wilfred Guerra - Maine
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lynn – Florida
† Dr. Hector and Ruth Marin - Florida
Dr. LaMar and Julia McGinnis – Georgia
Dr. Antonio and Vivian Robles – California

† Deceased

Donors Circle (Individuals giving $1,000 and above from March 2012 through May 2012)

Dr. Maria Allo - California
Dr. and Mrs. W. Gerald Austen - Massachusetts
Dr. Robert R. and Janet Bahnson - Ohio
Dr. Miguel Angel Cainzos - Spain
Dr. Yanek S. Y. Chiu - California
Drs. Alice and Edward Dachowski - Ohio
Dr. John M. Daly and Family - Pennsylvania
Dr. Clay O. Demattei - Illinois
Dr. Julie A. Freischlag - Maryland
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Gaudiani - California
Dr. and Mrs. Constantine V. Godellas - Illinois
Dr. B.J. Hancock - Manitoba
Drs. Alden H. and Laurel S. Harken - California
Dr. Sharon M. Henry - Maryland
Drs. David B. and Beth Hoyt - Illinois
Dr. Larry R. Kaiser - Pennsylvania
Ms. Kristen Krantz and Mr. Michael Bagazinski - Illinois
Dr. Keith D. Lillemoe - Massachusetts
Dr. David C. Linehan - Missouri
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lucas - Michigan
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lynn - Florida
Dr. Timothy J. Mahoney - North Dakota
Dr. LaMar and Julia McGinnis - Georgia
Dr. Robert C. McIntyre, Jr. - Colorado
Dr. Mary J. Milroy - South Dakota
Dr. Eugene J. Nowak - New York
Dr. Michael S. Nussbaum - Florida
Dr. Kumash Patel - Arizona
Dr. Alan B. Pillersdorf - Florida
Dr. James C. Pope - Georgia
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Preskitt - Texas
Dr. Danny R. Robinette - Alaska
Dr. Antonio and Vivian Robles - California
Dr. and Mrs. Grant V. Rodkey - Massachusetts
Dr. Hilary A. Sanfey - Illinois
Dr. Humberto J. Sangiovanni - Santo Domingo
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Chrisann Sferra - Ohio
Dr. Steven C. Stain - New York
Ms. Jennifer Starkey - Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. Elliot W. Strong - New York
Dr. Renam Catharina Tinoco – Brazil
Dr. James W. Turner - New York
Dr. Wayne E. VanderKolk - Michigan
Dr. Michael Thomas Watkins - Massachusetts
Dr. Leonard J. Weireter Jr. - Virginia
Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Weissler - North Carolina

Donors Circle (Chapters, Corporations, and Foundations giving $1,000 or more from March 2012 through May 2012)

Indiana ACS Chapter
Puerto Rico ACS Chapter
Rhode Island ACS Chapter
Boston Scientific Corporation
Coloplast Corp.
Ethicon, Inc.
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
Pfizer Inc.
Jim and Linda Robinson Foundation, Inc.
Southern Thoracic Surgical Association

Every attempt has been made to properly recognize the spelling of your name and the level of giving. If we have made an error, please accept our apologies and notify us at 312-202-5338 so that we can correct our records.  Thank you.