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Membership Updates

Welcome to the New National Committee on Trauma Members

First active term March 2021 through March 2023

General Surgery

  • Stephen L. Barnes, Columbia, MO
  • Jeannette Capella, Waukee, IA
  • David Ciesla, Tampa, FL
  • Oscar D. Guillamondegui, Nashville, TN
  • Joe H. Patton, Joe H, Detroit, MI
  • Scott G. Sagraves, Temple, TX
  • Kristan L. Staudenmayer, Stanford, CA

Burns Surgery

  • James H. Holmes, Winston-Salem, NC
  • James C. Jeng, Philadelphia, PA
  • Tam N. Pham, Bellevue, WA

Neuro Surgery

  • Kathryn M. Beauchamp, Denver, CO

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Carol A. Lin, Los Angeles, CA
  • Bryant Oliphant, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Michael Suk, Danville, PA

Pediatric Surgery

  • Brendan T. Campbell, Hartford, CT
  • Robert W. Letton, Jr., Oklahoma City, OK

Urologic Surgery

  • Hunter B. Wessells, Spokane, WA

Vascular Surgery

  • Ashraf M. Mansour, Grand Rapids, MI

Appointment of Special Members to the Committee on Trauma

William Marx, Syracuse, NY—appointed as special member for two years through March 2022 so he can serve as VRC Chair to complete several in-progress projects while developing a suitable succession plan.

James R. Ficke, Baltimore, MD—appointed as special member for two years through March 2022 to continue work as COT Disaster Committee Chair and to complete service as special disaster representative to ASPR.

Michael Coburn, MD, FACS, Houston, TX—through March 2022 to complete the urology modules for ASSET and ATOM, continue work with the FAST team, and facilitate the transition of the Advocacy Chair position.

Patrick M. Reilly, MD, FCCP, FACS, Philadelphia, PA—through March 2022 as Vice-Chair, Committee on Trauma, and Chair of the Regional Committees on Trauma.