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Stop the Bleed

Program Updates

Stop the BleedIn response to the growing need for simplified educational offerings, and an expanded instructor base, the Stop the Bleed® Education Workgroup developed the newest offering, Stop the Bleed Basics Course. This course replaced the previous Bleeding Control Basics course for Stop the Bleed. Unveiled on May 1, 2019, the course has received excellent reviews both in the material presented, and the ease of instruction. With the current growth of the program, it is estimated that more than 1 million people will take the Stop the Bleed course by the end of 2019. The Bleeding Control Steering Committee provides strategic guidance regarding Stop the Bleed efforts and oversees the activities of each of the work groups, identified below. 


This work group is charged with revisions and development of all educational materials related to the Stop the Bleed program. This includes revisions to the current bleeding control course as well as development of educational materials targeted at different age groups and populations. This work group will also be tasked with exploring web/video based educational products.

Outreach and Dissemination

This work group is tasked with developing strategies to increase dissemination of the course including working with the COT regional committees and partnering with other organizations to support dissemination of the program. This group is also participating in the revision of the current website for 2019.


This work group is tasked with developing strategies to support health policy and advocacy efforts including support for state and federal lobbying efforts, model legislation, and efforts to improve access to bleeding control kits.

The Stop the Bleed initiative is intended to cultivate efforts that encourage citizen responders to become trained, equipped, and empowered in order to render care in a bleeding emergency before medical professionals arrive.

It is the goal to train every American in basic bleeding control techniques and to work tirelessly toward placing bleeding control kits in every public venue that will provide immediate access in the event of a bleeding emergency.