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Trauma Quality Improvement Program

2017 TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training

2017 TQIP Meeting

Register now for the 2017 American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Program’s (TQIP) Scientific Meeting and Training in Chicago, IL, November 11–13, 2017. The meeting will be conveniently located at the Hilton Chicago near many of the city’s main attractions. Register online now.

The 2017 TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training will include tracks for all members of the Trauma team, and sessions tailored to Level II centers, Pediatric centers and TQIP collaboratives. Topics of note this year include preventable death, Best Practice Guidelines for imaging, the continued Integration of Verification, TQIP, and PIPS, as well as a special recognition of Veteran’s Day on November 11. 

Lenworth M. Jacobs, Jr., MD, MPH, FACS, Chairman of the Hartford Consensus and ACS Regent, will be the keynote speaker.  In addition, the conference will feature sessions with Noah Galloway, war veteran and trauma survivor, and Pete Caulk, former TOPGUN instructor and patient safety coach. With nearly 1,600 attendees in 2016, we anticipate even more participation and a great conference in 2017!

Announcing the Trauma Quality Programs Participant Hub

As the first step in launching our new system, we would like to introduce you to the new Trauma Quality Programs (TQP) section on the ACS website. From this location, you can view all communications about our technology transition and access the TQP Participant Hub. Whether you are a new or existing participant in one of our TQP, the TQP Participant Hub is where you will access everything you need for successful participation in our programs.

New participants wishing to enroll in one of the TQP may visit the Participant Hub to start the application process by completing a new online application. The Account Center is where all existing participants will log in to manage their facility information, manage contact information, request an ACS Verification or Consultation visit, and access program educational materials. New participants who have submitted an application to join a Trauma Quality Program will be able to access the Account Center as soon as their application is approved. 

The TQP Participant Hub will also be your starting place for accessing the new Data Center. Once opened, participants will log in to the Data Center to submit data, download reports, and access interactive reports. 

Tutorials and resource guides have been created and posted on the TQP Participant Hub to ensure all participants have the tools necessary to successfully navigate the new platform. We are excited to announce this new site which allows for the continued integration of our Trauma Quality Programs!

ACS Trauma Quality Programs Technology Transition

As you know, ACS Quality Programs, including Trauma, have partnered with QuintilesIMS to build a comprehensive and integrated system for patient data collection and report delivery, with the overarching goal of improving trauma care and advancing data quality. We are pleased to announce that, after some delays, the new Data Center platform for the ACS Trauma Quality Programs will be launched in October 2017, from which we will conduct the first round of data collection in the new platform through early December. It is important to note that the delay in the release of the Data Center will not impact the release of the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 Benchmark Reports. 

The new Data Center will introduce a number of innovative features, including modernized data collection and validation processes, dynamic submission frequency reports that allow patient-level drilldown to help identify issues at the point of submission, and improvements to the reporting applications released in conjunction with each TQIP report. 

Thanks very much for your participation. Please contact us at with comments and questions on the transition, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the new platform!