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VRC Hospital Program

Verification Review ConsultationVRC Program Projects

Committee members and staff have been working together on many positive changes for our VRC program. At this year’s spring VRC Committee meeting, Todd Maxson, MD, FACS encouraged members to volunteer for several new project work groups, each being led by surgeon and staff leads. Here is what’s happening:

  • Orange Book Chapter Revisions:  The charge is to pilot a process to revise a chapter, beginning with Chapter 6: General Surgery, and once the process is finalized, continue by implementing new groups for each chapter. The pilot group has representation from the VRC, TQIP, and PIPS committees and VRC staff, as well as two Society of Trauma Nurses nurse liaisons. So far, the team and the process have been quite successful. We are pleased and confident to move forward by organizing four more teams for the next chapters up for revision.
  • Best Practices Tool Site:  The idea for this group is to develop a process and site for posting exemplary operational best practices found in trauma centers during the verification review process. Staff have been preparing a plan for a posting site and permissions and will be calling this group together very soon.
  • OPPE Reviewer Report Card:  Staff and members of this group are tasked with developing a report card for reviewers to show whether reviewer expectations are met, as well as provide feedback from evaluations from our trauma centers, lead reviewers, and staff. 
  • Reviewer Orientation:  The Trauma Quality Education Program Manager is working with this team to produce an online orientation that will include all aspects of a site review, from scheduling to the final report. The team is close to finalizing a course outline with the goal of launching the course later in the year
  • PRQ Revision:  Since this project is dependent on others, such as Chapter Revisions, the work has not yet begun. A few things this group will focus on are ensuring that the PRQ questions are measureable and related to our standards, maintenance of the PRQ, and the future of a prepopulated PRQ from TQIP data.

Thanks to the leadership of our VRC Chairs, Todd Maxson, MD, FACS; and Daniel R. Margulies, MD, FACS; as well as our surgeon project leads. The “quality” in this quality program just got better!

Tammy Morgan
Manager, Trauma Center Programs

Trauma VRC Launches New Education

The Trauma Verification, Review, and Consultation Program has recently launched a new tutorial, the first in a series, to assist trauma center staff who are interested in scheduling a visit and becoming a verified center. The tutorial titled “Becoming a Verified Center: First Steps” outlines the basic information that centers need to become a verified center and the exact steps they need to take. The tutorial can be accessed from the VRC resources website.

The VRC Program also released a new tutorial for Site Reviewers that includes a summary of the editorial process, a step-by-step demonstration of the report writer, and an explanation of the case reviews section of the site visit report. Additionally, several veteran reviewers from the VRC share their insight and suggestions for how to prepare a clear, concise, and informative case narrative. Also, another more in-depth tutorial on Case Reviews will be launched very soon that will provide details on the case review process, from general expectations to initial analysis to final formatting.