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NCDB Updates: Call for Data and RQRS

NCDB Call for Data Update

The 2017 NCDB Call for Data opened on January 1, 2017. Since that time the NCDB Data Submission and Processing System has been experiencing substantial technical issues in processing submitted files. As a result, the NCDB Data Submission portal has been closed for the past two weeks. We are happy to announce that the portal has been reopened as of the morning of January 17.  

Please note that although we are now successfully processing submitted files, we are observing a large slow down when writing records to the NCDB analytical database. The files are being received and edited quickly so you will receive the notification emails in a timely manner; however, it will take some time to process the data all the way through to the database. 

Because the data submission portal was down for the first two weeks of January, we are extending the initial submission deadline to March 15, 2017. If complete data are submitted error free by March 15, the program will be deemed compliant on Program Standard 5.5 and will be eligible for commendation on Program Standard 5.6.

Information will be updated on the NCDB Data Submission website over the next few days. 

RQRS Update

We are experiencing issues with dropped cases and the display of statistics on the RQRS dashboards for multiple programs. Our IT department is working diligently to resolve the issues. If you notice cases missing from your RQRS case list and inaccurate dashboard calculations, then your program is one of those affected by the issue. We will notify programs as soon as this issue has been corrected. 

PLEASE NOTE: All programs should continue submitting data to RQRS, as data is being received and edited correctly. All submitted records will be processed and reflected in the RQRS application once the issue has been resolved. 

The NCDB thanks our programs for their continued dedication and commitment to quality data. We look forward to working with you throughout the New Year. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated and invaluable to the process of improving the NCDB. Please send all comments, concerns, and questions to the NCDB Customer Support Team at with inquiries regarding NCDB data submission and tools, and to for  inquiries regarding RQRS.