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The CoC Source Receipt Problems

We frequently receive correspondence stating that an individual has not received The CoC Source or other CoC special announcements by e-mail even though he or she has subscribed or received it in the past. Provided our database indicates that we currently have an accurate e-mail address, there are two possible reasons The CoC Source may not be received.

First, an inbox may be full at the time we send the issue. Therefore, our e-mail is refused and returned.

Another possibility is that the recipient’s e-mail server receives The CoC Source, but due to e-mail parameters established by that recipient’s Information Services (IS) Department, it is not allowed to go through to the inbox. While the CoC screens each issue of The CoC Source against spam software to ensure delivery, some systems will still refuse the e-mail. If you believe this might be the problem, we suggest you contact your IS Department to see if something could be done on that end so you can successfully receive the newsletter each month. During the interim, you can continue to view the newsletters online.

Please take both possibilities into consideration before contacting If you have recently changed your e-mail address, we encourage you to notify us.