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ACS Chapter News: November 16, 2016


Dear ACS International Governors and Chapter Presidents,

On behalf of Jamal Hoballah, MD, MBA, FACS, Chair of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Board of Governors Chapter Activities International Workgroup, welcome to the inaugural issue of the new ACS Chapter News! We will be using this newsletter to convey key information to you about Chapter activities on a quarterly basis. Please feel free to share your feedback with me regarding the newsletter format, and let me know if there is specific information you would like to see communicated in future issues. Feel free to share this newsletter with your Chapter members. Questions about the content can be directed to me. Thank you.

Connie Bura
Associate Director, ACS Division of Member Services


New Staff

Please welcome Laura Mazur, the new Chapter Services Program Coordinator. Laura started with us on November 7, and she will be communicating with you on a regular basis regarding Chapter activities. Feel free to reach out to Laura at any time at

Recap of the Annual Meeting of International Governors and Chapter Officers

Thank you to those who attended the meeting of International Governors and Chapter officers held on October 18 during the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in Washington, DC.

Here is a brief summary of the meeting:

  • Each Region Chief (for Regions 14, 15, 16, and 17) delivered a brief report on the activities of his Region over the past year. We will be sending these reports to the Governors and Chapter Presidents in each respective region in a separate e-mail.
  • The results of the International Governors survey were presented. This survey will be conducted with the International Governors every other year, so the next one is scheduled for 2018. One action item as a result of the survey involves identifying more opportunities for International Governors to serve as session moderators at the Clinical Congress. We will be collecting information from International Governors about the types of sessions they would be willing to moderate, and this information will be shared with the ACS Program Committee.
  • A new Chapter Annual Report Form has been developed for completion by all Chapters. This form will now be sent in January. Collecting information about the activities of your Chapter will help us measure Chapter performance and identify areas where we can be of assistance. Please look for a communication about completing this new form in early January. We will also continue to reach out to you following your Chapter meetings to collect information on your new Chapter officers.

The ACS International Relations Committee released a new funding opportunity last year—The Dr. Pon Fund—to allow International Chapters to create a local educational course. The application process is now open for 2017, and the deadline to submit a proposal is January 16, 2017. Up to $12,500 will be awarded to up to two Chapters to conduct a course in 2017. The 2016 recipients were Brazil and Greece. We encourage all International Chapters to review this opportunity and apply. You are also encouraged to review all scholarship opportunities available to International members.

New and Improved Bylaws

We have just completed a thorough review and revision of the standard bylaws that all ACS Chapters should be using. You are requested to review the bylaws and compare them with your current bylaws. Several areas have been clarified, including the role of the ACS Governor and the role of the Chapter President. Please note that the ACS Governor is “selected” by the Chapter council or executive committee and appointed by the ACS, and the President is “elected” by the Chapter membership. In some countries the Governor and President are the same individual, but the Chapter should be working toward identifying candidates from among the Chapter membership and holding an open election for the office of President. If you intend to make changes to your bylaws, those changes should be approved by your Chapter membership and submitted to Laura Mazur in the ACS office at

Member Recruitment

We will be sending the Governors and Chapter Presidents the current roster of ACS members in their country. This list will be sent along with some tips on how to recruit new members and encourage them to join your Chapter.

Participate in the ACS Communities

The ACS has more than 100 online Communities. We encourage you to log in, review the complete list, and join as many as you are interested in. We specifically request that you sign up to be a member of the International Community and your respective regional community. If you need your login information or do not know which regional community you belong to, please contact Connie Bura at