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Committee Reports


Madeline B. Torres, MDThe October RAS-ACS Membership Committee meeting will include a mix of old and new business, including review of the accomplishments of the committee over the past year, invitation for feedback on what went well in 2020 and what we can do better in 2021, overview of planned initiatives for the coming year, and brainstorming for fresh ideas on how we can better support ACS and its resident and associate members. We will also go over expectations for members of the committee, including new members who may be joining by virtue of holding a committee liaison, working group, or advisory council position. We will meet virtually on October 21 at 8:00 pm (CDT).

Thank you to Madeline B. Torres, MD, for her leadership as committee chair.

Advocacy & Issues

Julia Coleman, MD, MPHThe Advocacy and Issues Committee has had a busy year, including making plans for the annual RAS-ACS Symposium at Clinical Congress in which we will (virtually) host a debate on resident unionization and robust subcommittee activity with activities ranging from a podcast on firearm injury prevention to a national survey and manuscript on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the clinical, educational, and personal experience of RAS/YFA membership. In October, we will transition to new leadership, with Dr. Randi Ryan serving as the Chair of the committee. At our October meeting that will take place on October 7 at 9:00 pm (EDT), we will debrief how the Symposium went and begin brainstorming topics for the Symposium next year and follow up on our subcommittee activities, with updates from the following subcommittee: Diversity in Surgical Trials, Firearm Injury Prevention, Payment for GME, COVID-19 Task Force, Examining the Prelim Experience. As in every year, we will brainstorm other missions for the year with the ultimate goal of providing a mechanism for residents to advocate for themselves and our patients!

Thank you to Julia Coleman, MD, for her leadership as committee chair.


Red Hoffman, MDJoin members of the Communications Committee for our annual planning meeting on October 14 at 9:00 pm (CDT) when we will discuss our plans for the next year and accept nominations for leadership positions. As the ‘voice of RAS’ our annual projects include social media posts, publishing the annual Bulletin composite article piece on a timely topic, and publishing the monthly newsletter.

Thank you to Red Hoffman, MD, for her leadership as committee chair.


Cassie Sonntag, MDJoin the RAS Education Committee on October 28 at 9:00 pm (EDT) for our annual planning meeting and leadership nominations. Projects include:

  • Surgical skills competition—So You Think You Can Operate? at Clinical Congress annually
  • Surgical Jeopardy for chapters
  • Surgical Education Research Group
  • Panel Sessions for Clinical Congress
  • Landmark Papers online Journal Club, subcommittee of Behind the Knife Podcast

Thank you to Cassie Sonntag, MD, for her leadership as committee chair.