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ACS-AEI Article of the Month Series: Surveyed Readers Like It!

The Faculty Development Committee continued its Article of the Month series in collaboration with the other American College of Surgeons-Accredited Education Institutes (ACS-AEI) committees into 2017. The third quarterly cycle of articles covered the theme of research. The committee sent out a survey to the ACS-AEI directors to evaluate the first two quarterly cycles of the Article of the Month series. The survey was designed to evaluate the process and perceived outcomes. The results showed that 99 percent of the respondents found the summary for each article as useful and 91 percent of them mentioned that they would recommend the series to their colleagues. Almost all respondents agreed that the curriculum development and learners’ assessment Articles of the Month help them to fill a need in their faculty development, especially for the topics of surgical simulation courses development (77%) and basic essential concepts of objective learners’ assessment (71%). Half of the respondents mentioned that they have applied or intended to apply what they have learned from these articles to their own practice. Suggested new topics include specific assessment tools, emphasis on outcome measures and metrics, validation studies, and robotic surgery safety.

In response to the requests received by the coordinators of the initiative, the article summary will now be posted on the ACS-AEI Discussion Community, in addition to being sent by e-mail to the ACS-AEI directors. The fourth quarterly cycle of the Articles of the Month series, which is expected to start in May, will cover the theme of program evaluation.

Articles of the Month