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Leadership Change in 2020 for ACS AEI International Committee

The American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institutes® (ACS AEI) Program would like to offer its sincere gratitude to outgoing Committee Chair Evangelos Georgiou, MD, PhD, University of Athens, for his many contributions to this Committee since its inception to foster community and collaboration among the AEIs overseas and with sister centers in the United States. Moving forward into 2021, Dr. Georgiou will remain on as a consultant to the Committee to advise incoming Chair Lars Enochsson, MD, PhD, Karolinska Institute and Umeå University, in his new leadership role, as well as Andrea Moglia, PhD, EndoCAS, in his recent installment to the Vice Chair role previously held by Dr. Enochsson, for steering this Committee’s agenda going forward.

If you have any questions regarding the Committee’s activities, please contact Chair Lars Enochsson, MD, PhD (, or Vice Chair Andrea Moglia, PhD (