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AEI International Committee’s Train the Trainer Hybrid Course Launching This Spring

The AEI International Committee has an initiative with host IRCAD under development called the Train the Hybrid Trainers Course. Last year, a feasibility web survey was conducted with 552 participants worldwide (25 countries) to flesh out a dual aim to implement a survey-based study among WebSurg users and ACS-AEI-advocated education training centers, as well as to provide guidance on an optimized hybrid "train the trainer" structured educational program for surgical trainers. The survey results presented valuable feedback for constructing the course: focus on the general surgeons, train the trainers in laparoscopic and data techniques, and design the course to be hybrid, including nontechnical skills and virtual classrooms.

The course’s faculty list of 28 surgical trainers has been finalized at this point and is mostly ACS AEI members. There are two sections in this course: a web online theory section with multiple choice questions and an in situ hands-on section to be held at IRCAD, COVID-permitting. The Committee is projecting a mid-May launch for the online section.

For any questions about this initiative, please contact outgoing AEI International Committee Chair Evangelos Georgiou, MD, PhD, at