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ACS-AEI Awards and Activities

The biannual ACS-AEI Consortium Quarterly International newsletter is a new publication that offers ACS-AEIs overseas an opportunity to highlight year-round their items of interest to encourage discussion among their peers.

Hospital virtual Valdecilla

Santander, Spain

At Hospital virtual Valdecilla, there has been a group of investigators developing and validating a reliable and reproducible tool for the evaluation of laparoscopic side-to-side intestinal anastomosis in training simulation. The results are published in Cirugía Española (English Edition).

The Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Training (CAMST)

Stockholm, Sweden

In a fruitful collaboration with leading pedagogic expertise at Linköping University and the University of Gothenburg, collaborators at CAMST have coedited and coauthored a new book describing and discussing a practice-oriented approach to understanding and researching interprofessional simulation-based education and simulation. It provides empirical findings from research on this topic and is informed by practice-oriented perspectives. It identifies critical features of the simulation practice and discusses how these can be used in reforming simulation pedagogy.

Dahlgren MA, Rystedt H, Felländer-Tsai L, Nyström S, eds. Interprofessional Simulation in Health Care. Materiality, Embodiment, Interaction. Springer; 2019.