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2017 Bulletin

We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on PDF or Online.

January 2017 BulletinJanuary 2017

Volume 102, Issue 1

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  • Reimbursement changes in 2017
    • The 2017 Medicare physician fee schedule: An overview of provisions that will affect surgical practice
    • 2017 CPT coding changes
  • The 2016 RAS-ACS annual Communications Committee essay contest: An introduction
  • First-place essay: Paying it forward: When the mentee becomes the mentor
  • Highlights of Clinical Congress 2016
  • ACS Officers, Regents, and Board of Governors’ Executive Committee

Bulletin February 2017February 2017

Volume 102, Issue 2

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  • Introduction: Olga M. Jonasson, MD, Lecture
  • The journey: Becoming a neurosurgeon and back again
  • Dream to become: Dr. Canady inspires an aspiring surgeon
  • How do we improve patient safety? A look at the issues and an interview with Dr. Britt
  • Above and beyond: A primer for young surgeons interested in global surgery
  • The art of the deposition: Teaching residents about medical liability

March 2017 coverMarch 2017

Volume 102, Issue 3

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  • Evolving insights for preventing surgeon errors: Balancing professionalism and cognition with knowledge and skillIntroduction: Olga M. Jonasson, MD, Lecture
  • Patient-reported outcomes in surgery: Listening to patients improves quality of careThe journey: Becoming a neurosurgeon and back again
  • Value-based health care: How to succeed in a bundled care APM