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2014 Bulletin

We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on PDF or Online.

January 2014 BulletinJanuary 2014

Volume 99, Issue 1

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  • Annual RAS-ACS essay contest: Dealing with surgical complications
  • How surgeons deal with complications: Introductory remarks
  • Accepting accountability and moving forward
  • Responding to, reflecting on, and moving forward from a surgical complication
  • Talk it out, and slow it down
  • Mea maxima culpa—Dealing with surgical complications
  • Consequences
  • Complications are shared experiences
  • Preoperative telemedicine evaluation of surgical mission patients: Should we use it routinely?
  • Reading the tea leaves for state legislatures in 2014
  • Highlights of the 2013 Clinical Congress
  • ACS Officers, Regents, and Board of Governors’ Executive Committee

February 2014 BulletinFebruary 2014

Volume 99, Issue 2

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  • Medicare reform: A look at the House Ways and Means proposal
  • Merging Medicare Parts A and B: Potential effects on beneficiaries, surgeons, and other stakeholders
  • 2014 fee schedule and CPT code changes will affect surgical practice
  • Will acute care surgery and surgicalists help to avert an emergency care crisis?

March 2014 BulletinMarch 2014

Volume 99, Issue 3

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  • Medicaid expansion likely to affect the delivery of surgical care
  • Health policy program produces surgeon advocates and leaders
  • Preparing for implementation of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act
  • Gundersen Health System studies effect of modifier 22 on reimbursement for complex operations

April 2014 BulletinApril 2014

Volume 99, Issue 4

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  • Dual eligible beneficiaries: Roles for surgeons under health care reform
  • Trauma and emergency care under the Affordable Care Act
  • Is your office helping you prevent wrong site surgery?
  • The aging surgeon: When is it time to leave active practice?

May 2014 Bulletin

May 2014

Volume 99, Issue 5

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  • Liability reforms needed to provide timely care to disaster victims
  • International Guest Scholarships: An investment in surgical training around the globe 
  • Implementation of the ACA: Turning federal law into state-level reality
  • Vascular practice develops night float call system to improve attending well-being without decreasing productivity

June 2014 Bulletin coverJune 2014

Volume 99, Issue 6

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  • The SGR repeal: How bad politics ruined sound policy
  • World Innovation Summit for Health provides a global perspective on surgery
  • Teaching the teacher: An ethical model for international surgical missions
  • And the beat goes on: Surgeons take a break from the OR to play in rock bands
  • American College of Surgeons Foundation Annual Report, 2013

July 2014 Bulletin coverJuly 2014

Volume 99, Issue 7

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  • Surgeons see future applications for Google Glass
  • The ACS Accredited Education Institutes Fellowship Program: Training leaders in simulation-based education
  • Distinguishing QI projects from human subjects research: Ethical and practical considerations
  • SurgeonsVoice: Your patients, your profession, your voice
  • Clinical Congress 2014 Preliminary Program

August 2014 BulletinAugust

Volume 99, Issue 8

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  • ACS Resident and Associate Society: Surgical care and training at the crossroads
    • Making the transition from mentee to mentor
    • What does the ACA mean for residents and their future practice?
    • Surgical education and training at the crossroads between medical school and residency
    • Coaching and mentoring modern surgeons
    • The “bionic” era: Exploring the use of advanced technology in surgery
  • The e-volution of the 21st century surgeon The five-year general surgery residency: Reform or revolution?

September 2014 BulletinSeptember

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  • A new era begins for ACS online properties
  • The SAGES FUSE program: Bridging a patient safety gap
  • The benefits of PQRS participation and what the College is doing on your behalf
  • Surgeons as state advocates
  • Founding surgeon reflects on 25 years of UNICAR, the Guatemalan Heart Institute
  • Surgical training abroad: It’s not about the cases

October 2014 BulletinOctober

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  • Lessons in collaboration: New York surgeons look back at Superstorm Sandy
  • State lobby days build bridges
  • The ACS NSQIP Geriatric Surgery Pilot Project: Improving care for older surgical patients
  • Past recipients of the ACS/Pfizer Surgical Volunteerism and Humanitarian Awards: Where are they now?
  • The YFA Essay Contest: Introduction
  • First YFA Essay Contest winner: The promise of a profession lies within us
  • Adverse behaviors and their effect on credentialing and licensure

November 2014 BulletinNovember

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  • FLS: Celebrating a decade of innovation in surgical education
  • RAS-ACS Symposium essays: Residents debate whether to reform or revolutionize surgical training
    • First-place essay—revolution: Surgical training: Time for a revolution
    • Second-place essay—revolution: Five-year general surgery residency: Reform or revolution?
    • First-place essay—reform: Reformation of current surgical residency and fellowship training is the best solution
    • Second-place essay—reform: Revisiting the visions of Halsted, Churchill, and Dudley to fix surgical training a century later
  • Optimizing the OR for bundled payments: A case study
  • Massachusetts Chapter develops new grassroots advocacy program
  • Transplant in a patient with comorbid psychiatric illness: An ethical dilemma

December 2014 BulletinDecember

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  • Presidential Address: Achieving our personal best—Back to the future of the American College of Surgeons
  • Executive Director’s annual report
  • Georgia coalition develops bariatric surgery pilot project
  • Liability reform, scope of practice, trauma topped state legislative agendas in 2014
  • Hugh Agnew Gamble, MD, FACS: A legacy to the College