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2005 Bulletin

We have compiled past issues of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and listed features for each issue. You can view the additional content and full issues of the Bulletin by clicking on the month or cover image.

January 2005 BulletinJanuary

Volume 90, Issue 1

  • Surgical lifestyles: Surgeon has “photographic memory” of historical advances
  • Current Procedural Terminology changes for 2005
  • Statement on prevention of nontraffic vehicle-related injuries in children
  • Board of Governors: Report from the Committee on Chapter Activities

February 2005 BulletinFebruary

Volume 90, Issue 2

  • Process and outcome measures in specialty surgery: Early steps in defining quality
  • 2004 election may affect ability to push surgery’s agenda
  • What’s right and wrong in my world of medicine
  • Statement on restrictive covenants

March 2005 BulletinMarch

Volume 90, Issue 3

  • Surgical service at Abu Ghraib: One Fellow’s experience
  • Three Fellows elected to Congress
  • Surgical lifestyles: Creativity and commitment to excellence are constants
  • Ten specialty boards report accomplishments and plans: Part I
  • ACS Officers and Regents

April 2005 Bulletin April

Volume 90, Issue 4

  • Telemedicine and telesurgery in the operating room
  • The battle for tort reform: The Maryland experience
  • “False faith in the surgeon’s gown” revisited
  • ACSPA-SurgeonsPAC off to successful start
  • Ten specialty boards report accomplishments and plans: Part II

May 2005 BulletinMay

Volume 90, Issue 5

  • Surgical innovation: "Renaissance man" endows award for surgical investigators
  • Surgical innovation: CQI promotes high standards of surgical care through research
  • ATLS celebrates 25th anniversary
  • Legislative advocacy and political activity: How surgeons and chapters can get involved

June 2005 BulletinJune

Volume 90, Issue 6

  • Advanced Trauma Operative Management course introduced to surgeons in West Africa
  • Called to serve as a consultant in the OR? What to do
  • Aging and the practice of surgery

July 2005 BulletinJuly

Volume 90, Issue 7

  • RAS-ACS addresses residency issues: Introduction
  • RAS-ACS promotes unity in surgery
  • Benefits of ACS membership to specialty surgeons
  • The College as a forum for collaboration
  • Not your father’s specialty: Preparing Residents and Associates for collaborative leadership
  • How long should surgical training take?
  • Surgery residents and volunteerism
  • ACS and surgical specialty societies review emergency workforce issues
  • 2005 Clinical Congress preliminary program

August 2005 BulletinAugust

Volume 90, Issue 8

  • Liability reform in 2005: How individual states are addressing the issues
  • Meeting the needs of rural general surgeons: The ACS Subcommittee on Rural Surgery
  • Terima Kasih: Volunteer surgeon experiences in the wake of the 2004 tsunami
  • Surgical lifestyles: Using a critical eye in surgery and art
  • ACS statement of principles of palliative care

September 2005 BulletinSeptember

Volume 90, Issue 9

  • Understanding pay for performance
  • The challenge of implementing the new Medicare drug benefit while updating physicians’ pay
  • Project Belize: Volunteer surgery in Central America
  • Surgeons and surgical leaders: Mixing expectations with needs
  • Revised statement on health care industry representatives in the operating room

October 2005 BulletinOctober

Volume 90, Issue 10

  • Evidence-Based Reviews in Surgery: A new educational program for ACS Fellows, Candidates, and Resident Members
  • The prevention of retained foreign bodies after surgery
  • Statement on the prevention of retained foreign bodies after surgery
  • ACS takes on specialty issues
  • Louis T. Wright and Henry W. Cave: How they paved the way for Fellowships for black surgeons
  • Surgical lifestyles: Surgeon as patient: Acquiring a new viewpoint

November 2005 BulletinNovember

Volume 90, Issue 11

  • Paying for quality: Making policy and practice work for patients
  • Surgical lifestyles: Surgeon chronicles Native American history
  • Medical liability reform and state law: West Virginia
  • Statement on blunt suture needles

December 2005 BulletinDecember

Volume 90, Issue 12

  • Presidential Address: Crises in humanity
  • How to get involved in organized medicine: A primer for Young Surgeons, Resident Members, and Associate Fellows
  • ACS moves to clarify the role of the expert witness
  • Revised statement on surgical technology training and certification
  • Statement on blunt suture needles