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The Communication Pulse: Leadership and Member Perspectives

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As we approach our annual resident selection process, I am inspired by the words of William S. Halsted, MD, FACS. His keynote address in 1904 entitled "The Training of the Surgeon" stated "we need a system, and we will surely have it, which will produce not only surgeons but surgeons of the highest study surgery and to devote their energies and their lives to raising the standard of surgical science."

His words ring as true today as they did then—we must attract the brightest and most talented young minds to become the surgeons we once aspired to be!

— Kenneth W. Sharp, MD, FACS, ACS Regent

Surgeon Voices

In this issue, Steven D. Wexner, MD, FACS, FRCSEng, FRCSEd, FRCSI(Hon), FRCSGlasg(Hon), Vice-Chair, American College of Surgeons Board of Regents, and Director, Digestive Disease Institute at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston, FL, interviews:

Frederick Greene, MD, FACS, medical director of cancer data services, Levine Cancer Institute, Charlotte, NC, who discusses the history, function and activities of the ACS Commission on Cancer. Specific topics include the experience of attending the recent virtual CoC Plenary session, the extensive data cataloging of the National Cancer Database, and a recently released paper on the importance of surgeons' technical skill and how its related to clinical outcomes.

Elizabeth Wick, MD, FACS, professor of surgery, University of California San Francisco, who discusses enhanced recovery protocols (ERPs) for surgery patients, specifically the feasibility of ERPs for emergency colorectal surgery. Dr. Wick explains how ERPs have historically been considered within the domain of elective procedures, but current research, including findings in a recent Journal of the American College of Surgeons article, suggests that ERPs could have important implications for emergent operations, as well.

Mark Alan Dobbertien, DO, FACS, a minimally invasive surgeon in Jacksonville, FL, and Member Services Pillar Lead for the ACS Board of Governors, who discusses the upcoming virtual Board of Governors' Awards Program. Dr. Dobbertien speaks on the activities of this annual event, which recognizes the winners of the ACS/Pfizer Surgical Volunteerism and Humanitarianism Awards, retiring ACS Governors, and outstanding work by domestic and international ACS chapters.

Also in this issue, Patrick V. Bailey, MD, MLS, FACS, Medical Director, Advocacy, ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy, Washington, DC, interviews Mark Aeder, MD, FACS, associate professor, transplant and hepatobiliary surgery, University Hospitals, Cleveland Medical Center, OH, on the important topic of planning for retirement. Dr. Aeder speaks on the process of stepping out of the operating room, including talking with colleagues and family, setting yourself up to have adequate funds to support your lifestyle without a paycheck, properly accounting for your static and liquid assets, and more.