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Well-Being and Assistance

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ACS Continues to Support Your Well-Being

It has been 29 weeks since the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. During this time, many traumatic events and drivers placed stress on the population's overall well-being. We've witnessed increases in intimate partner violence, microaggressions and racism, health care disparities, pay inequity, and health care worker burnout. Experiencing traumatic events causing a foreshortened future that affects one's beliefs about the future including loss of hope, limited expectations about life, fear that life will end abruptly or early, and anticipation that normal life events—such as access to education, work opportunities, relationships, social gatherings—won't occur, and more.

Well-being often is characterized as having eight dimensions: emotional, occupational, physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, financial, and environmental. When one or more of these dimensions is affected by negative stressors, overall well-being begins to decrease.

The ACS remains committed to encouraging and promoting the development of individual well-being by providing resources and tools to support you as you continue to navigate life in the midst of  the COVID-19 pandemic.

One step you can take today is using the ACS Surgeon Well-Being Index. This video guide is a useful resource on how to use the Physician Well-Being Index and more information is available in the user guide. To start using the tool, Associate Fellows and Fellows can use the code fellow20 and Resident Members can use the code resident20. As always, the Well-Being Index is 100 percent anonymous—your information and score are private; your individual score will not be shared with anyone, including the ACS. Access for international members is not currently available.

Physician Support Line
24/7 Support Line staffed by psychiatrists

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Health Equity

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